Monday, January 24, 2022


Moriah School EC Holds Bake Sale

What a special experience it was for the early childhood students of Moriah to participate in a bake sale, in memory of Evan Levy, z”l. Evan was a student in Moriah who passed away from cancer in 2016.The children understood that the money raised would go to tzedaka, and were very excited. Each class planned and


Yavneh Academy EC Has Chazak Kiddush

Yavneh ECD classes were so excited to finish sefer Bereshit last week! They sang and danced to “Chazak chazak”! They had fun singing their way through the parshiyot as a review. They also decorated the classroom doors and baked cakes to get ready for the early childhood chazak kiddush.


Kol Chaverim Preschool of Fair Lawn Explores the Five Senses

The yeladim at Kol Chaverim of Fair Lawn learned all about their five senses. Younger classes made books about senses, answering questions like: What can I see? What can I hear? What can I touch and what can I smell? Older classes explored further by painting with real spices, having taste tests and musical guessing games. Kol


Naaleh Ninth Graders Learn Strategies for Success

The Naaleh freshmen participated in an interactive workshop, Student Strategies for Success, given by Jamie Lehrhoff, MA, LDT-C, founder and director of the Livingston Educational Center. Lehrhoff helped the girls identify their primary learning styles—auditory, visual and tactile—and then taught them strategies that they could


Ira Jaskoll Joins the Builder School Board of Trustees

Continuing an illustrious career as a developer of educational programs, Ira Jaskoll has joined the Board of Trustees of the Builder School.

Jaskoll was a founding member of the administration of Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business, rising to the position of interim dean. In that


Moriah Has Glow In the Dark Havdala

The Moriah School students and their families danced the night away at a Glow in the Dark Havdala and melave malka. The evening began with Rabbi Daniel Alter leading all attendees in Havdala. The theme of the school year has been #sharethelightmoriah and Havdala as well as other sources of light in Judaism have been used


Kidz Gym Visits Gan Yaldenu Of Teaneck

Kidz Gym visited Gan Yaldenu! The children had the opportunity to partake in gymnastics and obstacle course fun!


Yeshivat Noam Places in Top 10 at CIJE Tournament

Congratulations to the Yeshivat Noam middle school robotics team for placing in the Top 10 of out of over 30 teams! The students had a great time competing at the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) Robotics Tournament. Under the leadership and guidance of their teacher, Barbara Sehgal, students had


RYNJ Dresses in Character

The pre-k classes at RYNJ celebrate the completion of sefer Berashit with a special siyum. Dressing up as their favorite Torah personality, the parsha came to life in the halls of the RYNJ early childhood!


Anshei Lubavitch Makes a Siyum

Chazak chazak v’nitchazek! Anshei Lubavitch classes celebrated the completion of all of the parshios in sefer Bereshis with exciting siyumim! The children reviewed all that they had learned, baked delicious cakes and sang songs that they had learned from the different parshiot!


BPY Celebrates Vayechi Bracha of ‘Ben Porat Yosef’

BPY’s kindergarteners learned that in parshat Vayechi, Yaakov gives brachot to all of his children and his grandchildren. Of course, they were thrilled to learn that Yaakov Avinu gave the bracha of “Ben Porat Yosef.” The children decided to make a web chart of all of the reasons why they love BPY! Then they each discussed


Yeshivat He’Atid EC Celebrates End of Parshat Bereishit

Yeshivat He’Atid preschool students participated in an impressive fair celebrating the conclusion of their unit study on sefer Bereishit. The children had a wonderful time reviewing the parshiot from sefer Bereishit as they walked through prepared classroom exhibits. The children played games and made beautiful crafts which all

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