Tuesday, January 25, 2022


TCA Third Graders Show Teamwork

In a Social Emotional Learning class, TCA third graders worked on a cooperation and teamwork activity with Morah Lisa. Each team has to build a pyramid out of cups. They had to communicate with each other and use the cooperation tool to accomplish the goal. The only rule: they can not touch the cups with their


Yavneh Academy Seventh Grade Holds Drive for Homeless Shelter

As part of the Yavneh seventh grade unit on respect in their Advisory classes, the students were challenged to learn the skills of empathy and gain a true understanding of the struggles of the homeless. The unit began with an inspirational presentation by Adelina Garabet from the homeless shelter in Hackensack.


TABC Students Descend on Fair Lawn For Memorable Shabbaton

The final TABC shabbaton run in 2020, just before the pandemic hit, was the Fair Lawn shabbaton. Baruch Hashem, on December 9, TABC made its triumphant return to Fair Lawn as over 60 TABC boys descended on the community for a memorable shabbaton. Highlights of the experience included a Friday night meal at


Meet Your Organelle Match In Ma’ayanot Biology Class

Welcome to “Organelle Speed Dating!” Each student in Esther Slomnicki’s ninth grade biology class prepared a “dating profile” of a specific organelle. They included a “cell-fie,” theme song, hashtag, characteristics about the organelle, and “bad traits” (ie, what would happen to the cell if the


RYNJ Experiences Sisterly Love

What a spectacular day, RYNJ eighth graders had on their Philadelphia trip! It was a pleasure to experience some of what our nation’s birthplace has to offer, with the eighth grade girls. Each stop along the way, from the initial planning committees to overseeing all of the details on the trip, the girls


Chabad of Tenafly Kicks Off Winter Unit

Preschool students kicked off their winter unit with a walk outside to observe the seasonal changes and learned about many different aspects of winter. They talked about articles of clothing that are worn in the winter such as hats, gloves, mittens, scarves and boots and listened to books about winter in Hebrew and English.


Bruriah High School AP Lit Class Hosts Jewish Book Fair

The Bruriah High School students and faculty were treated to a beautiful book fair on Monday, hosted by the students of AP English literature class. The fair was “A Celebration of Jewish Literature,” showcasing some of the most prolific and influential Jewish authors in modern times. Each student was tasked with


Irving Montak [email protected] Students Engage In STEM

Students at the Irving Montak SINAI [email protected] Academyparticipate in a STEM class with their peers, working on a project to create LED light up gloves.


Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School Pre-K Makes Siyum Bereishit

The pre-k class at the Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School celebrated finishing sefer Bereishit. The children decorated their own hats and Rabbi Zwickler joined the class for the siyum! The class also went under a tallit and saw the end of sefer Bereishit in the real Torah!


RKYHS Students Hear From Best-Selling Author

The SEED speaker series at RKYHS brings in broad thinking speakers on a wide-range of topics. RKYHS students had the chance to hear at their most recent SEED from Gregory Zuckerman, Wall Street Journal reporter and best-selling author of the book “The Shot to Save the World—The Inside Story of the Life-or-Death Race for a


JEC Early Childhood Has Challah Bake

The JEC Early Childhood kicked off their brachot unit with a challah bake! All of the EC classes enjoyed making yummy challot with their friends! Everyone is looking forward to a hands-on and experiential brachot unit over the next few weeks.


JKHA Middle School Debate Team Takes Home First Place

Congratulations to the JKHA middle school debate team who won first place school in their recent debate. The team headed out to Yavneh for their first debate of the year to compete against Yavneh and Noam. The team debated the pro and con sides of the resolution: Children under the age of 11 should not be allowed to own cell phones

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