Saturday, December 04, 2021


Noam Middle School Learns About Shemitah

Turning cucumbers into pickles, planting without soil, hydroponics and shemitah in the kitchen are just a few of the interesting topics covered in the Yeshivat Noam educational and interactive middle school shemitah yom iyun.


Chabad of Tenafly Pretends to Be Pilgrims

Kindergarten children at Lubavitch on the Palisades experienced what it was like to be a Pilgrim. Children pretended to go to sleep and were woken to the sound of a rooster crowing. They washed up and got dressed in Pilgrim gear. After davening and enjoying a hearty meal, the children went off to do their chores. They


RKYHS Homeless Awareness Club Heads to Newark

Approximately 30 members of the RKYHS Homeless Awareness Club went out in the cold into the streets of Newark the day before Thanksgiving to hand out food and clothes. They brought with them cornbread baked by the JKHA second graders, and food was also donated by the school caterer Shimtal Caterers. JKHA second


TCA Middle School Has Chanukah Chagiga

Middle school students had so much fun at a Chanukah chagiga! Students rotated through various stations so everyone got to experience the fun activities, including a photo booth, Maccabee dodgeball, door decorating, cookie decorating, Chanukah estimation and Pin the Shamash.


Naaleh Students Are Thankful

Leading up to Thanksgiving, Naaleh’s Advisory classes focussed on gratitude. The students discussed the importance of gratitude from an emotional, spiritual and even physical perspective. They explored gratitude’s physiological effects on the body and immune system, its profound impact on relationships, and how it operates as a


Gan Yaldenu Of Teaneck Celebrates Chanukah


Festive Chanukah At RKYHS Kicks Off With Chagiga and Chesed

Chanukah festivities and fun have been filling the building at RKYHS. For day one of Chanukah at RKYHS, students joined the schoolwide Yom Chesed. Throughout the day, the high school students visited a dozen different student-run chesed organizations and signed up to volunteer. From Kids Against Cancer and Senior


The Idea School Enjoys A School-Wide Fun Day

The Idea School students and faculty enjoyed a day of fun and school bonding at Thrillz and Jump Adventure Park in Danbury, Connecticut. The day was complete with a student vs. teacher game of dodgeball, ropes and obstacle courses and bouncing basketball games. All in all, a great day spending some well deserved,


Chanukah Is in the Air At Anshei Lubavitch

Anshei Lubavitch students are having the best time getting ready for Chanukah! Yehuda HaMaccabi visited the classes to teach students how the olive oil for their Menorahs is made! The children have also created beautiful sparkly Chanukah crafts and learned all about fire safety and how to be careful near the


Maccabiah Games Are a Hit at RPRY

RPRY students enjoy Maccabiah games in honor of Chanukah! Lower school, middle school girls and middle school boys each held their own competition; the red team: ben adam l’chavero and the blue team: ben adam l’makom competed. The middle school girls Maccabiah competed in a hula hooping contest and the middle school


Naaleh AP Bio Students Experiment With Diffusion and Osmosis

Naaleh’s AP Biology students completed a lab demonstrating diffusion and osmosis in various sucrose concentrations. They collected class data and used Excel to create a graph representing their data. The students then finished the unit by demonstrating osmosis while making cholent!


Heichal HaTorah Welcomes Grandfathers to the Yeshiva

Heichal HaTorah talmidim welcomed hundreds of grandfathers to the yeshiva on Thanksgiving morning for a meaningful grandfather-grandson learning program. The morning began by davening together, followed by a delicious breakfast. The talmidim and their grandfathers then heard words of inspiration from Rav Aryeh Stechler,

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