Tuesday, May 17, 2022



To celebrate Israel’s birthday, Naaleh students had a morning full of meaningful fun, including activities and a refreshing Rebar smoothie station. Students competed in the Yom Ha’atzmaut Shuffle which involved circulating between games of Capture the Israeli Flag, Masterchef Israel, Israeli trivia and the



Happy Birthday Israel!


SINAI Schools

On a beautiful spring day, SINAI students across its schools celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day, with carnivals, blue donuts, outdoor programming and inclusion activities with partner school students. What a fun chag!



Yom Ha’atzmaut at RKYHS was jam-packed with a variety of activities. Students began the day with a musical Hallel and morning tekes along with the rest of JKHA, complete with a tefillah for Israel, daglanut and dancing. Afterwards, RKYHS students engaged in Torat Yisrael learning sessions where Judaic studies faculty taught Torah lessons



On Yom Ha’atzmaut, after three years, WDS welcomed over 300 grandparents and special guests back to our campus for Grandparents and Special Persons Day. It felt so good to see everyone and to be together. Visitors participated in breakfast, multiple activities in the classrooms and a luncheon, which included


RYNJ Eighth Grader Places Fifth at Chidon

Yasher koach to all of the RYNJ students who participated in this year’s Chidon HaTanach: Ayelet Schreiber ‘24, Ariella Price ‘24, Liora Schreiber ‘22, Chaim Ginzberg ‘22 and Naftali Normand ‘22. Mazel Tov to Naftali who won fifth place!!!


Moriah Art Room Introduces Yaacov Agam

This week Moriah art students went on a virtual tour to the Israel Museum to explore the art of the artist Yaacov Agam. Yaacov Agam is an Israeli sculptor and experimental artist best known for his contributions to optical and kinetic art. Agam’s main focus is kinetic art in which the viewer’s experience of the piece


Yeshivat Noam Celebrates Chagigat HaSiddur

Yeshivat Noam first graders celebrate receiving their Siddur at their very own Chagigat HaSiddur celebration on Sunday. Yeshivat Noam was excited to welcome parents and grandparents back into the building!


BPY Fifth Graders Explore The Meadowlands

BPY fifth grade scientists explored the Meadowlands estuary this week at the Meadowlands Environmental Center in Lyndhurst. With a view of New York City in the background, students used dip nets to capture samples of living organisms in the marsh and test water quality (salinity, dissolved oxygen and pH). They


Heichal HaTorah Extracts DNA

Heichal’s freshman students just completed a unit on genetic engineering in biology class and learned about the latest techniques in researching, analyzing and identifying genes of interest. Students learned about DNA extraction in the lab, specifically focusing on the steps involved in isolating DNA from other cellular


JKHA Seventh Graders Head to Philadelphia

The JKHA seventh grade participated in a co-curricular trip to explore historical Philadelphia. They began their day with the opportunity to see “Freedom Rising” at the National Constitution Center which complemented their knowledge and understanding of the Bill of Rights. Next, they were able to visit the


RPRY Rockets Forward

A sky rocketing de­monstration, brought to RPRY by CIJE’s Rabbi Heshy Wieder, was of inestimable value in making learning episodic, memorable and fun!

RPRY’s middle school students have not stopped talking about their favorite STEM activity this year. In addition to

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