Saturday, October 24, 2020


Bruriah Girls Remain Connected Through Tefillah

Despite Bruriah High School experiencing a temporary transition to distance learning the week after Sukkot, students were still able to connect through daily virtual Mincha! An especially meaningful part of Bruriah’s Mincha is their tradition of having a “Mincha minute,” an inspiring thought on tefillah or general Torah


JKHA Middle School Initiative Strengthens Gemara Vocabulary

GVL is in full swing for the seventh and eighth grade students at JKHA. GVL stands for “Gemara Vocabulary League.” Every week students are given Gemara words or terms that they will encounter in their Gemara experience throughout their lives. Each week they are quizzed on five new words. Students are currently up to 25 words.


JEC Celebrates Rosh Chodesh With Bingo

In honor of Rosh Chodesh, students played a special Cheshvan themed bingo game during lunch!


TABC Sophomores Get Hands-on Experience In Classifying Matter

Students in Ayelet Kopel’s chemistry classes were so excited to get back into the lab after being away that they wasted no time suiting up in their coats and goggles! As part of their unit on classifying and separating matter, the students created a mixture of sand, salt and water and separated it out using


RKYHS Engages in School-Wide Book Discussions

For their summer reading assignment, students at RKYHS were given a list of books that were recommended by their teachers. The faculty recommendations came from their teachers across the board, not just their English faculty. Science and math teachers, Judaic Studies rebbeim, guidance counselors, administration,


JEC Students Get to The Root of the Word

Second graders learned all about שורשים-roots. They learned that the roots of a tree determine what type of fruit will grow, just as the roots of a word determine what type of word is being said. They planted seeds and decorated personalized planters!


Bruriah Middle School Kicks Off Chidon HaTanach Program

It was an inspiration to meet with the new Bruriah Middle School Chidon HaTanach group! An informative Zoom session with 11th grader and longtime Chidon HaTanach member, Shana Schwartz, was a great way to kick off this exciting initiative. Bella Greenberg said, “Chidon HaTanach is a great way to make learning fun. We get to be


The Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School Tiny Tots Explore Fall

Tiny Tots, the one’s class, at The Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School at Congregation AABJ&D loved exploring leaves in a sensory bin. They crumbled and squished them with their friends. In the art studio they created a special art project with them. They also enjoyed looking at the colorful leaves as they went


Cheder Yaldei Menachem Learns About Creation

This week the children of Cheder Yaldei Menachem explored the incredible universe Hashem created. They excitedly experienced each day of creation through different hands-on mediums.


TABC Student Activities Are Zooming Along

TABC students previewed two big contests earlier this month as Rav Yitz, director of Student Activities, hosted a virtual event for students to discuss the presidential debate and the NBA finals. After spending some time discussing the candidates and speculating about what to expect in the presidential debate (spoiler: no


Moriah Pre-K Celebrates Sukkot

The Moriah School pre-k children learned all about the arbat haminim and made their very own lulav and etrog with recycled materials. The children paper mached a balloon and painted it yellow to create etrogim. They then painted paper towel rolls green to create lulavim. The children know that Hashem is everywhere and they


BPY and CareOne Celebrate B’Simcha

ושמחת בחגך והיית אך שמח

“You shall rejoice on your festivals, and should be fully happy”

Day three of Chol Hamoed was overflowing with simcha when BPY families visited and sang with the residents of CareOne