Friday, May 29, 2020


BPY Sends Three Students to Chidon HaTanach National Finals

Kol hakavod to Reiut Cohn (eighth grade), Ayelet Poupko (seventh grade) and Millie Schwartz (seventh grade) who recently competed in the Dr. Shimshon Isseroff USA Chidon HaTanach National Finals.

Poupko, BPY Class of 2020, said she studied with her grandfather for seven months


Bi-Cultural Pre-K Teachers Throw a Parade

One month was too long for pre-k teachers at Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy (BCHA) to go without seeing their little ones, so they thought creatively, and on one sunny April morning embarked on their very first Pre-k Teacher Parade. To pull it off without a hitch, the teachers contacted each parent prior to the parade, letting them


Yeshivat Frisch Finds Opportunities in Virtual Learning

Faculty at Yeshivat Frish have been taking advantage of the unique and unexpected pedagogical opportunities facilitated by remote instruction.

In the Judaic Studies classroom, Tanach teachers Yael Goldfischer and Alyssa Kirsch created a virtual escape room for their Chumash


Tenafly Chabad Academy Shines Bright on Lag B’Omer

Lag B’Omer was a jam-packed day filled with fun activities for all Tenafly Chabad students in grades one through eight! Each grade rotated through their activities including learning the significance of celebrating Lag B‘Omer, baking, creating 3D bonfires in art and “visiting” the cave of Rabbi Shimon Bar


Moriah Celebrates Lag B’Omer With Drive-Through Bonfire

Lag B’Omer is always a special time at Moriah. It is a day that traditionally celebrates Jewish resilience. This year, more than ever, the meaning of Lag B’Omer resonates deeply.

In celebration of the day, Moriah had a special event for parents and children. Families were


WDS Writes Letters to Nurses Nationwide

The WDS third-fifth grades wrote 75 letters in three different languages (English, Spanish and French) to healthcare professionals across states the country: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, Oklahoma, Virginia and Israel.


Gan Henel @Home Celebrates Lag B’Omer

An amazing Lag B’Omer celebration was had at Gan Henel! From a virtual picnic with Morot Dina and Elisheva to outdoor scavenger hunts with Morot Sara and Shira, there was lots of fun to be had! The children even participated in a real bonfire, roasted marshmallows and went camping with Morot Eli and Talia! The pre-k class was


Rabbi Decorates SINAI Student’s Lawn

As SINAI students prepare to receive their diplomas next month, the school looks forward to seeing the creative ways teachers, parents and students celebrate under the current circumstances. It is a testament to its partner schools that they are including SINAI graduates in whatever they are doing for their own students—-just as


TABC Alumni Win Big At Bekiyus Blitz

TABC is proud of the many alumni who participated in Lander College’s 13th annual Bekiyus Blitz in Israel during the week before Purim. Yitzchak Tollinsky ‘18, of Yeshivat Hakotel, received the top test score and was awarded a full set of Mossad Harav Kook’s Chidushei Ritva. Mark Gottesman (Gush) ‘18 came in second


Yeshivat He’Atid Celebrates Its First Graduating Class

The YH administration spent Sunday afternoon celebrating the first graduating class of Yeshivat He’Atid! They drove through the town to each eighth graders’ homes to deliver special yard signs and their caps and gowns. With music, clapping and cheering they really made the first graduating class feel special


Science Comes to Life At Anshei Lubavitch

Anshei Lubavitch Preschool’s small scientists love experiencing what they’re learning about in a hands-on way! Students performed a colors experiment at home and also saw the school’s pet caterpillars move into their chrysalises onscreen this week! The students hypothesized about what would happen next.


Yeshivat Noam Makes Bubbles

In Ms. Seghal’s science class, eighth graders are learning about forces and vectors as part of their unit on Newton’s laws of motion.