Friday, February 03, 2023


Moriah Kindergarten Explores Shapes

In conjunction with their shapes unit in math, The Moriah kindergarteners explored an artist who used shapes in his work. They learned that Piet Mondrian’s art featured many different lines and shapes, often using squares and rectangles in his paintings. They learned that Mondrian mainly painted with bright primary


Yeshivat Noam Competes In Bracha Bee

Yeshivat Noam third, fourth and fifth graders learned and practiced brachot through interactive team competitions including a game show and grade-wide Bracha Bingo. The winners will represent Yeshivat Noam in a regional Jewish yeshiva competition!


Yeshivat He’Atid Celebrates Yom Ivrit

Students in pre-k through eighth grade celebrated Yom Ivrit—the day that honors the contribution of Eliezer Ben Yehuda, the man that popularized the everyday usage of the Hebrew language. It further celebrates our usage of the language of the Jewish people. Throughout the week, students learned about how Eliezer


TABC Shnayim Mikra Challenge Makes Siyum

Students in TABC’s Shnayim Mikra Challenge celebrated the completion of Sefer Bereishit on Tuesday morning, January 10, with some delicious Krispy Kreme sponsored by the Winslow family (Ezra ‘25 and Solly ‘26). Each week, TABC students, alumni, parents and faculty all participate in a weekly quiz that is sent out on


MTA Welcomes Talmidim Of Yeshivat Mekor Chaim

Every year one of the major highlights of the MTA experience is the arrival of exchange talmidim from Yeshivat Mekor Chaim. An added energy pervades the halls of MTA when the talmidim of Mekor Chaim join the yeshiva at the beginning of the spring semester every year. Coming from a completely different educational system,


Ma’ayanot AP Bio Visits DNA Learning Center

Mrs. Slomnicki’s 11th and 12th grade AP Bio classes visited the DNA Learning Center in Harlem, a hands-on biotechnology learning lab run through Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. They performed a restriction analysis lab experiment and used special enzymes to cut bacterial DNA, then analyzed the results using a gel


RPRY Counts 81 Days

Question: What is special about the 81st day of school? Answer: Every day of school is special—480 minutes of precious learning time and filled with fresh opportunities to learn something new. The students in k-eighth grade were surprised when they returned from winter break on the 81st day of school to be greeted with “Happy


Tenafly Chabad Academy Highlights STEM

Tenafly Chabad Academy began focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) from first grade. All students from first through eighth grade have separate STEM instruction weekly. Some of it is during STEM class and some is in conjunction with the classroom teacher.


RKYHS Students Build Houses for Those in Need

Members of the RKYHS Habitat for Humanity club volunteered with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newark at a worksite in downtown West Orange. The group was working to rehab and renovate the home. RKYHS volunteers worked on this same home earlier this winter and were so gratified to see the progress that had been


Chabad of Tenafly Shares Pajama Day

The residents at Family of Caring invited kindergarten students from Lubavitch on the Palisades to celebrate Pajama Day in their facility. The students at LPS came with hot cocoa and many books to read. The greatest part of the visit was when the kindergarten friends practiced asking several introductory questions


JEC Students Participate In Kriah Challenge

Mazal Tov to the 20 students in grades three through five who participated in their first ever Kriah Challenge! Students were tasked with reading various passages from davening in order to strengthen their kriah skills. They accumulated points and were treated to a kriah cocoa party! Everyone looks forward to the


SAR GRAND Gallery Presents Art by Tobi Kahn

Internationally-celebrated artist Tobi Kahn visited SAR Academy’s GRAND Gallery on Sunday, January 29, for the opening of his exhibit: LOOKING. SEEING. BEING., followed by a well-attended hands-on family workshop led by Kahn himself. Kahn is a painter and sculptor whose work has been shown in over 70 solo

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