Friday, August 06, 2021


SDK @ Anshei Chefs Compete in ‘Chopped’

The talented chefs of SDK competed in a “Chopped” competition to show off their cooking skills. In under 30 minutes, they created multi-course meals including salads, sides, mains and elaborate desserts. Their culinary creations were tasted and scored by a panel of highly qualified and experienced food


Camp HASC Welcomes Rabbi Yaakov Bender

Rabbi Yaakov Bender has a magical experience visiting Camp HASC! Camp HASC staff members all had the honor of receiving individual brachot from Rabbi Bender, wishing them hatzlacha on all the fantastic work they do. Rabbi Bender joined Director Shmiel Kahn, Reb Judah Mischel, Abe Eisner and many of the


Camp Gan Israel of Tenafly Is All Smiles

This week at Camp Gan Israel of Tenafly younger division was incredible!! Campers are so happy to be in camp, enjoying all of the many activities. This week they challenged themselves at the Challenge Island STEAM program and built the coolest recyclable towers. They also learned about greenhouses and planted


Moshava Ba’ir Supports Israel Olympic Team

Moshava Ba’ir New Jersey, a Bnei Akiva camp, proudly welcomed the Israel Olympic team! Good luck in Tokyo this summer!


Anshei Lubavitch Celebrates Jewish Pride

Anshei Lubavitch campers had so much fun this week learning all about their Jewish identities. They played games to learn each others’ Jewish names and made Jewish name craft projects to decorate their homes!


Camp Chaverim Is Amazing

It has been an all-around amazing opening week full of excitement at Camp Chaverim! Campers enjoyed all the exciting activities, learning, friendship and that special happiness that comes from summer fun. The sports division is also off to a fast paced start! They jumped right into leagues with lots of competitive


Camp Shalom Splashes Into Summer

Campers and counselors all enjoyed another exhilarating week here at Camp Shalom! The entire camp witnessed gymnasts sore through the sky during the incredible Flippenout trampoline show. The excitement didn’t stop there, with travel bunks having the opportunity to go to Paramus mini golf. Back at camp,


Anshei Lubavitch Has Wild Week Three

The oldest divisions at Camp Anshei Lubavitch enjoyed water target practice, fantastic talent show, awesome trip, a massive carnival and so much more this week, while finding time to learn Torah and daven each day!


Gan Yaldenu Tots Celebrates July 4

Gan Yaldenu Tots summer fun has begun, and the first week went off with a bang. The children learned the new character names for their groups to the theme of the summer “Our Favorite Stories Come To Life!.” Each group decorated a hat of the character they were assigned. The camp also was getting ready to


Camp Gan Israel of Tenafly Is Off to a Great Start

The first week at Camp Gan Israel of Tenafly focused on ahavat Yisrael. All activities, from swim to sports, library to STEAM, followed this theme. Campers learned how important it is to be kind and inviting, especially to the new friends they have made. The summer is off to a great start!


Camp Shemesh Has Summer Fun

Camp Shemesh at the Lauren Elisa Bier Nursery School of Congregation AABJ&D has had a great first few weeks. Everyone is happy to be back. Every week the kids love music class, sports, water play, challah baking and more. This summer, the theme is “All About Me” and everyone can’t wait to learn all about


Camp Nesher Kicks Off 25th Anniversary Summer

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