Monday, June 05, 2023


Tenafly Chabad Academy Brings Joy to Family of Caring

Tenafly Chabad Academy first grade students recently visited Family of Caring, continuing this remarkable intergenerational program fostering meaningful connections and creating lasting memories.

During the visit, the talented first graders delighted the residents by serenading


BPY Hosts MS Debate Competition

The debate team at BPY was excited to host the last debate of the season. The school warmly welcomed the teams from Flatbush, HALB and JKHA. The resolution debated was whether the United States should ban all forms of animal testing. This is a very heated topic because it impacts many aspects of life. The students did an


WDS Shines at Wax Museum

A cornerstone of the WDS fourth grade experience is the annual Wax Museum. Each student is assigned a well-known person from a historical category such as Native Americans, important women in history, pioneers, presidential wives and more. The students spent several weeks reading about their assigned historical


JEC Primer Has Chagigat HaSiddur

Mazal tov to JEC primer students on receiving their siddurim! What an incredible program celebrating all the hard work and effort primer talmidim put in this year in order to get Siddur-ready! Thank you to Morah Sefi, Morah Ahuvit and Morah Alyssa for helping the students reach this important milestone. Thank you


Kinneret Kids Head Outdoors

Kinneret students visited Boston and Washington, DC during trip week. Fifth graders learned about the Jewish ethic of environmentalism through an amazing nature filled week at Teva.


Moriah Explores Oceanography

Last week the Moriah fifth grade concluded its oceanography unit with Oceanography Night. The evening began with a greeting and two songs that were performed by the entire fifth grade. Following the musical presentation, the fifth graders led the parents and their guests into the Kukin to explore student projects


Heichal HaTorah Celebrates Shiur Accomplishments

After Rabbi Chaim Marcus’s iyun shiur talmidim completed a comprehensive bechina, the talmidim celebrated their achievement with a shiur trip to Monsey. The trip started with a visit to Bais Medrash Ohr Chaim (Scheiner’s), where they listened to a powerful talk from Rabbi Daniel Koren, shlita, which focused on the


Naaleh Freshmen Go on an Adventure

The Naaleh freshmen had a fantastic end-of-year trip to the Poconos. The day kicked off with white water rafting down the Lehigh River. The girls had a blast navigating the rapids, singing and engaging in friendly water fights. Later, each girl took a turn on a 900-foot zipline. It was inspiring to see them


Ma’ayanot Experiments In Genetics

Ma’ayanot biology students had an “eggcellent” time learning about genetics. As a culmination of the ninth grade biology classes completing the unit of genetics, the students worked on a group project researching a genetic condition and caring for an egg (not hard boiled!) for a few days and educating their


Bruriah Seniors Explore Life After High School

As their four years at Bruriah High School come to an end, the Bruriah seniors spend their final weeks together as a grade learning important practical life skills and lessons, gaining inspiration and solidifying their futures as frum Jewish women. As such, they spend several days immersed in enriching programming and


RKYHS Students Focus on Mitzvot

As part of an ongoing, concentrated effort to strengthen students’ connection to Torah and Mitzvot throughout the days of Sefirat HaOmer in a program known affectionately as the Kushner Climb, students have been focusing on a different mitzvah each week including tzedaka, Shabbat, and this past week, low key


TABC Talmidim Hold Mishnathon

Rabbi Jonathan Kessel’s ninth/10th Gemara shiur dedicated an entire morning last week to finishing seder Nezikin Mishnayot. Each chavruta had three weeks to prepare their masechta and on Thursday, May 18, the shiur finished it all together, start to finish. The siyum was made by sophomore Akiva Mittel and the

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