Saturday, December 04, 2021


Ben Porat Yosef Goes Around the World

This past week, the third grade students at Ben Porat Yosef kicked off their first social studies unit! Through Atlas exploration and read-alouds about traditions around the globe, the students learned about the world around them. The students then had a chance to research some countries that were of interest to them on


I Have a Little Dreidel, I Made It Out of Wood

During recess, Leffel School fifth grade students made wooden dreidels in their MakerSpace from start to finish! They began by sawing off the angles, then they drilled holes for the spindel, then smoothed and stained the wood. Voila! A finished dreidel.


The Moriah School Learns About Ancient Mesopotamia

This week the sixth graders continued their unit on Ancient Mesopotamia. The students learned about how ancient people evolved from living as nomads in hunter-gatherer tribes to discovering agriculture. Together, students formed an understanding that with fresh water and fertile soil, the ancient people were able to


Chabad of Tenafly Gets Ready for Chanukah

Chanukah preparations are in full swing at Lubavitch on the Palisades Preschool. Each child is busy and hard at work creating their own menorahs and drip mats to get ready for Chanukah. Children had an amazing time playing dreidel, counting chocolate coins and making decorations for their homes.


Science Is Hands-On at The Leffell School

There was hands-on learning in the science lab as fifth grade students at The Leffell School learned about circuits and electricity.


RYNJ Takes LEAP of Faith

“How can you look for Hashem in your everyday life?” “How do we determine what our values are?” “Why is candle lighting special for Jewish women?” These are the kinds of questions that the talmidot of the RYNJ middle school are exploring in their monthly LEAP program with Morah Aviva Jacobs. Over the


Yavneh ECD Children Are Thankful

Thanksgiving is under way throughout the ECD hallway! After learning about the Thanksgiving story, the classes discussed the idea of being thankful and having gratitude for different things they have in their lives. The students sang songs, played games and created centerpieces for their Thanksgiving tables. The


Heichal HaTorah Talmidim Run to Help Yad Leah

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon, 120 Heichal HaTorah talmidim ran and walked for Yad Leah in the “Dash For Dignity” event at Overpeck Park. Joined by the administration, rebbeim and faculty, talmidim enjoyed the amazing weather, bonding with friends and opportunity to exercise. Heichal talmidim raised almost $10,000


Yeshivat Noam Engineers Create Hearing Devices

Yeshivat Noam fourth graders began a new science unit this week on engineering and technology. In this unit, the students explored a design problem, asked questions and defined the problem in order to create and build a hearing-enhancing device. They learned the importance of prototypes, and defined criteria and


TCA Fourth Graders Study Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans Day, TCA students collaborated on creating an American flag, and completed the project with lots of teamwork. Students discussed who veterans are, the risks they take and how thankful we are to them.


SINAI and RYNJ Continue To Collaborate

SINAI is pleased to announce the opening of a new sensory gym at RYNJ. The concept and execution were born out of the collaboration between SINAI Schools and RYNJ. This beautifully designed space will give access to equipment such as swings, a rockwall and indoor monkey bars. Meeting the sensorimotor needs of the


Yeshivat He’Atid First Graders Give Thanks

After reading “The Thanksgiving Door” by Debbie Atwell, the first graders were very excited to create their own Thanksgiving tree. Each child wrote about what they are thankful for and why. Many of the students were thankful for their family and friends. Each child’s leaf was added to the tree which reminds

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