Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Manhattan Day School

Manhattan Day School commemorated Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, on Thursday, April 28. Ms. Chechik opened by addressing the theme of how our choices, for good or bad, shape our world and highlighted the choices in each presentation that altered the course of history.

Middle school


Kinneret Day School

KDS seventh graders have been participating in the national Facing History curriculum in their study of the Shoah under the direction of Marjorie Hirsch. The program is not only one of historical focus, but one of artistic, spiritual and literary emphasis as well. This year’s ceremony for Yom HaShoah was a culmination of their


Yeshivat He’Atid

The Yeshivat He’Atid fifth-grade students commemorated Yom HaShoah with a special exhibit they had been preparing for the last few months. As part of their interdisciplinary unit on the Holocaust, the students read the novel “Number the Stars.” They learned about the heroic actions made by gentiles in


Academies at GBDS

The fifth grade students at Academies at GBDS completed an integrated multi-week project about the universal right that all people have freedom. Starting with lesson on Passover, students moved on to studying the article “Living Again as a Free Man,” a true story from the late twentieth century about a person


Westchester Torah Academy

Students at Westchester Torah Academy commemorated Yom HaShoah last Thursday in a special ceremony dedicated to the theme of כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה. The program highlighted two true and personal stories of Jews who risked their own lives to help and save other Jews through small but meaningful


Westchester Day School

To commemorate Yom HaShoah v’Gevurah, the middle school students were invited to participate in two meaningful programs this week. Before Yom HaShoah, the eighth graders received a sneak-peek of the photographic exhibit, “No Child’s Play,” which is on loan from The American Society for Yad Vashem, and met


Frisch Sophomore to Represent USA at International Chidon

Frisch students clinch five of 15 top awards at national finals as campus Chidon community flourishes.

Yeshivat Frisch sophomore Maya Tratt scored a top two victory at the Dr. Shimshon Isseroff U.S. National Bible Contest for Jewish Youth (Chidon HaTanach) on


Ma’ayanot Book Day Features Author Liza Weimer

Ma’ayanot enjoyed Book Day, an annual, school-wide celebration of literature as a lens into the human experience, on April 7, 2022. Meticulously organized by Interdisciplinary Coordinators Chani Rotenberg and Sarah Gordon, this year’s theme was “Healing Wounds in the World.” In addition to a keynote


Moriah Pre-K Grows Lima Beans

Moriah’s pre-k students recently grew lima bean seeds. They placed the lima beans in wet paper towels and inserted them in a Ziploc bag. The class decorated a house which will be the lima bean’s “green house.” The students were excited to display the houses in their classroom windows. They can’t wait to watch their lima


SAR Hosts Community Shlissel Challah Bake

SAR’s newly renovated cafeteria was buzzing recently with 100 parents and students at its annual Shlissel Challah Bake. The event, organized by the SAR High School Parent Association, was co-chaired by parents Marcy Cohen, Yael Federbush and Michelle Zellner. As Michelle shared, “It was wonderful to


Yeshivat Noam Competes In Chidon Finals

Congratulations to the Yeshivat Noam ChidonKnights! Led by the great coaching of Rabbi Bannett and Morah Esti, the Yeshivat Noam ChidonKnights had an awesome season. Yeshivat Noam is very proud of each member of the team.

The Chidon regular season is composed of three


Yavneh Academy Sixth Graders Share Digital Citizenship Knowledge

A major focus of the Yavneh Academy sixth grade technology curriculum is digital citizenship.

On Tuesday, April 26, the students visited third grade classrooms to teach and share what they have learned. The topics included: appropriate screen time and finding a balance, digital

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