Monday, September 26, 2022


Gan Henel Begins New Year

There is so much excitement in the air at Gan Henel as new and old friends and teachers started the new school year!


Heichal HaTorah Seniors Join Vhaarev Na Learning Program

This past week, Rabbi Jason Finkelstein’s 12th-grade bekius shiur had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Vhaarev Na learning program led by Rav Dovid Newman. Rav Newman hosted a lavish lunch to introduce the program to the boys. Vhaarev Na teaches talmidim to master the masechta they are learning (Maseches


Cheder Yaldei Menachem Begins With a Blast

Cheder Yaldei Menachem began the year with a blast as children excitedly entered the classrooms and sounds of cheer filled the hallways. It also began with another type of blast—the shofar’s blast! As customary during the month of Elul, Rabbi Avremy came to blow the shofar in every class, reminding of


Yavneh Academy Sixth Graders Jumpstart Into Middle School

Yavneh Academy sixth graders jumped right into middle school on their first day of school during their jumpstart orientation program.

The students began their day as part of a middle school minyan. Following tefillah, they participated in a middle school pep rally which


JEC HS Morning Seder Is Back

The high school started the year off with a grand breakfast, hearing words of chizuk from Rabbi Neuman. Morning seder got off to an unbelievable start. At JEC, students learn with and from each other, guided by their rebbaim. The active process of learning together solidifies students’ skills and knowledge.


Gan Yaldenu Tots Is Off to Exciting Start

The children arrived back to school with big smiles and excitement for the new school year. They were very excited to see their old friends and make new friends. The classes started off with learning about their rooms and routines and talking about how to be good friends.


RKYHS Welcomes Freshman Class

Welcome to the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School Class of 2026! The new RKYHS freshmen spent the opening of school getting acclimated to high school. Forty two percent of the students in the freshmen class have come from outside of JKHA (nursery-eighth grade division located on the Livingston, New Jersey campus),


‘Names, Not Numbers©’ Starts at RPRY

On Friday, September 9, eighth grade students at the Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva were introduced to “Names, Not Numbers ©,” a unique, interactive, multi-media Holocaust project created by educator, Tova Fish-Rosenberg. “Names, Not Numbers ©” gives the students the


Kinneret Kicks Off First Full Week

As Kinneret Day School gets back to work, students enjoyed the first full week back in school, getting into shofar mode with their amazing teachers.


JKHA Middle School Commemorates 9/11

All of JKHA middle school commemorated 9/11 at school at age appropriate levels. Students read an article about remembering 9/11 and the importance of the concept of remembrance, followed by a video about the day. A discussion followed where students discussed why it is important to remember events of the past, with a


MDS Is Back With a Bash

The year is looking bright at MDS! Over 450 people attended the MDS Back to School Bash, featuring chesed projects with Project Sunshine, a Bari Lynn patch and bead bar and a toddler playspace. Everyone enjoyed the slurpee station and delicious dinner from Chickies before Joey Newcomb lit up the room with a glow in the dark


MTA Goes Back to School

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