Monday, May 25, 2020


Tenafly Nature Center Visits Anshei Lubavitch

Children at Anshei Lubavitch Preschool and Daycare Center in Fair Lawn enjoy a visit from the Tenafly Nature Center. They learned all about hibernation and migration.


LPS Celebrates Tu B’Shvat

In honor of Tu B’Shvat, children at Lubavitch on the Palisades Preschool visited a bracha fair where they learned all about different foods, their sources and brachot through hands-on activities. The children participated in various activities such as squishing grapes into grape juice, grinding wheat


Moriah’s Blossoming Buddies

This week, The Moriah School kindergarten and fifth grade classes enjoyed our monthly Blossoming Buddies program. We had a wonderful Tu B’Shvat seder in which we enjoyed a variety of foods together in the fifth grade classrooms. Many brachot were represented. After tasting all the foods, the children voted for


Yeshivat He’Atid Celebrates Tu B’Shvat!

This week was filled with Tu B’Shvat celebrations at Yeshivat He’Atid. School-wide celebrations included the second grade enjoying a delicious and enlightening Tu B’Shvat seder, in which they sampled each of the Sheva Minim. The third grade hosted a Tu B’Shvat fair for parents. The fair was entirely in


RKYHS Hosts ‘Herointown’ Writer

Stephen Stirling, reporter for the NJ Star Ledger, speaks to the RKYHS sociology class about his recent front-page article titled “Herointown,” which described the issue and impact of heroin use in the state of New Jersey.


Frisch Commemorates MLK Day

Frisch commemorated Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a full program for each grade led by faculty members of the history department. Teachers spoke about Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and activism before he was assassinated and his continuing legacy, and showed relevant clips of Martin Luther King


Yeshivat Noam Reading Buddies: A Collaborative Learning Project

The first and fifth grade classes were paired together for the Reading Buddies program. For “Reading Buddies,” each first grader gets assigned to a fifth grader and they meet several times a year to do an activity together. Mrs. Stock read the book “You Can Do It, Sam,” and then the partnerships worked


MTA Teachers, Student Tutors and Over 200 Students Stay Late for ‘Study Night’

On Wednesday night, January 13, MTA students, faculty members and senior members of the Arista Honors Society came together for a fantastic night of pre-finals studying. Throughout the course of the night, students were able to sit in on review sessions provided by teachers, avail themselves of the opportunity to


RKYHS Hosts Reverend Michael Faulkner on MLK Day

Rev. Michael Faulkner, former NY Jet and current pastor, addressed the RKYHS students at an MLK assembly. He spoke about the importance of continuing the transmission and legacy of the values which MLK left behind as well as appreciating the teachings of the Torah and what they bring to the world as a whole.


JEC Yeshiva Conducts Psychological Social Experiment on Team-Building

Jewish Educational Center faculty psychologist Dr. Linda Goldmintz with Yeshiva of Elizabeth’s Rabbi David Pietruszka and Rabbi Moshe Kramer initiated a fascinating lesson in team-building by reframing what it means to win. Fourth-grade boys were divided into competing teams which had to assemble puzzles of the


Bruriah Lays Down the Law

Mock Trial Team Advances to County Semi-Finals

Bruriah’s mock trial team has advanced to the Union County semi-final round after a victory against Kent Place of Summit on Wednesday Night, Jan. 13. The mock trial team also won its competition the week before which helped


Hakarat Hatov: JKHA Congratulates its Miami Marathon Participants

The Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy/Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School would like to congratulate faculty member Lisa Swanson and 8th grade student Nathan Orbach for completing the Miami Marathon and running on behalf of the Friendship Circle.