Friday, May 29, 2020


RKYHS Explores Organ Donation

Dr. Paul Ratzker, a prominent neurosurgeon, spoke to an RKYHS Judaic class about Jewish views on organ donations. He also discussed the organization called HODS, Halachic Organ and Donor Society.


JEC Sixth Graders Collaborate With Local Seniors

On Tuesday, senior citizens in the community visited JEC’s Elmora Campus for their monthly Lunch and Learn session. However, this month was different because the girls from JEC’s sixth grade joined the senior citizens, giving them all the opportunity to connect and learn from one another as they made an art project


JKHA Third Graders Gain Research Skills

JKHA third grade students will be writing research reports about important inventions. Topics include helicopters, light bulbs, the Franklin Stove, chewing gum and the iPhone. The dates of the inventions span hundreds of years.

Students are using both primary and secondary sources to


RKYHS Teachers Join Students at Mishmar

Over sixty RKYHS students filled the Morris Stadtmauer Torah Center and participated in last week’s evening mishmar. Students joined with their classmates, rebbeim and morot to preparae for their upcoming Gemara exams. The program culminated with a Chinese dinner.


JKHA Analyzes Dr. Martin Luther King’s Ideas

To mark Martin Luther King Day at JKHA, students across all grades of the middle school embarked upon a focused study of Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy. In fifth grade, students paired with their second grade buddies to read Brad Meltzer’s “I Am Martin Luther King Jr.” and created graphic organizers


Heichal HaTorah Finalizes Purchase of JCT Building

The “boys will now feel this is their home,” said Rabbi Aryeh Stechler, rosh yeshiva of Heichal HaTorah, the boys yeshiva high school that has just received the green light to purchase the building that is currently The Jewish Center of Teaneck.

When the school opened its


BCHJS Group Travels to Israel

A delegation of 11 American students who participated in a year-long Young Leadership course, sponsored by Partnership2Gether and hosted by the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies, just returned home from a week-long mission to Israel. They spent the week with their Young Leadership counterparts from their sister


Ben Porat Yosef Pre-K Gets Visit From Mail Carrier

BPY’s very own mail carrier, Mail Carrier Bob, visited with the pre-K Gan Rina students to enhance their unit about the postal service. Mail Carrier Bob answered the students’ questions and shared a lot of important information about how the mail gets sorted and delivered. Afterward, he led everyone outside to see his mail


Frisch Works on Holocaust World Memory Project

Dr. Stein and Mrs. Geller worked with a select group of students in the Smedra Family 21st Century Lab, demonstrating how they enter data to identify the records of the ID Sheets (Protokolls) of the Krakow Ghetto from the summer of 1940.

These students will be working on this


Yeshivat He’Atid Third Graders Combine History and Arts

In their social studies class, third grade students researched the causes of the American Revolution and did a phenomenal job showcasing what they learned. They sequenced the events using a timeline on the Smartboard. Each group took a turn performing a tableau, a group of models representing a scene from history; students stood


Ma’ayanot Holds Shabbat Chazara to Prep for Midterms

This past Shabbat, Parshat Va’eira, Ma’ayanot held its first-ever Shabbat Chazara, a school-wide Shabbat in Teaneck/Bergenfield that was designed to help students prepare for their limudei kodesh midterms in a warm, social and supportive environment. All students (including commuter students, who were offered Shabbat


Yeshivat Noam Kindergarten Say Shema Under the Stars

Kindergarten students and their parents enjoyed a special evening of Shema Under the Stars. The night was full of special activities including decorating a special Shema pillowcase, learning at a Shema literacy activity, singing bedtime songs and visiting the evening cafe for kids.