Wednesday, July 08, 2020


Maccabeat Video Moves He’Atid Students

As part of a Martin Luther King Day unit, the students at Yeshivat He’Atid watched and discussed the recent Maccabeats video, recorded and filmed in partnership with the acapella group Naturally 7, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. They were so proud of the Maccabeats that they wrote beautiful nachat notes to them and sang


The ADHD Child: In the Classroom

Part II

The classroom is a difficult and disconcerting place for a child with ADD/ADHD. What these children find difficult—sitting still, listening quietly, concentrating—are what they are required to do all day long. Moreover, what is most frustrating is that most of these


RYNJ Students Color Friendship

In conjunction with RYNJ’s second grade unit about Martin Luther King Jr., the second grade boys classes read the poem, “A Box Of Crayons” by Shane DeRolf.

After each class read the poem, they discussed how it related to what they had read and learned about Martin Luther King Jr. This led


TABC and Sinai Mesh Well

A snapshot of the daily interaction between TABC and Sinai students: Netzach Schuman and Tuvia Minchenberg playing Spot It together during some down time.


LPS Holds Third Annual Science Day

On Tuesday, January 12, students in grades kindergarten through sixth participated in the Lubavitch on the Palisades annual Science Day. Ten stations were set up for students to explore, experiment and learn. The teachers and sixth graders organized meaningful and educational activities. Topics included buoyancy, chemical


Ben Porat Yosef Fourth Grade Visits Hall of Science

Ben Porat Yosef fourth graders spent Wednesday, January 13 at the New York Hall of Science. They participated in a variety of hands-on exhibits that enhanced many of the topics they are learning about in the classroom, including reflection and mirrors, color, refraction, the light spectrum and surface tension of


Yavneh Students Taught Sefer Torah Process

Yavneh Academy second grade students learned about the process of making a sefer Torah with the Living Legacy Program. The children had the opportunity to write their Hebrew names on klaf using a goose quill and special ink.


Camp Mesorah Announces New Hires

Rabbi Avie Schreiber, Chinuch Director

Rabbi Schreiber is an esteemed teacher at Yavneh Academy, teaching Chumash and Gemara to all levels and grades in the middle school. He has served on the steering committee at Yavneh during its Middle States accreditation


BPY First Graders Receive Their Siddurim

Ben Porat Yosef first graders received their siddurim in a special program which took place on Sunday, January 17. The students performed a play about the many tefillot that they learned, and were presented with their siddurim by Rav Tomer Ronen, Rosh HaYeshiva.


Yeshivat He’Atid Learns the Lessons of Dr. King

At Yeshivat He’Atid students learned about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King and the power of his words. Among other books, they read “Martin’s Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” The class spoke about words of encouragement that have inspired them when tackling a difficult task. Kindergartners read the


MTA Celebrates Rosh Chodesh in Style

In honor of Rosh Chodesh Shevat, the MTA freshmen class along with their rebbeim, partook in a special gala breakfast sponsored by Dr. Jonathan and Jessica Landa in honor of the freshmen rebbeim. The purpose of the breakfast was to further enhance the bond with rebbeim and friends in preparation for their first set of high school


Yeshivat Noam Conducts Tekes Kabbalat HaChumash

Yeshivat Noam second graders celebrated receiving their chumashim with a special musical presentation for their families and friends. Guests not able to attend were able to livestream the celebration from all over the world. The students read from the Torah, sang special songs and shared their learning about Bereishit in