Friday, February 03, 2023


Ma’ayanot Students Connect at ‘Heart of the Week’

“Inspirational.” “Meaningful.” “Eye-opening.” “Heartwarming.” “Uplifting.” What weekly classroom experience elicits such praise from high school students? Lev Hashavua, “the heart of the week,” is the 40- minute class that Ma’ayanot devotes to building connections between students, helping each person feel


Golda Och Academy HS Newspaper Places in National Competition

A huge mazel tov to the editors, writers, designers and faculty advisor, Mr. Langer, of Golda Och Academy High School Newspaper, The Flame. The June 2022 issue was awarded second place in the American Scholastic Press Association’s national 2022 school newspaper competition!

The ASPA noted


Hibernation Day Is Cozy At Chabad of Tenafly

Preschoolers at Lubavitch on the Palisades learned how animals stay warm in the winter by various means, including migration, adaptation and hibernation. Just as some animals take a rest in the winter, the children enjoyed their own “hibernation” day by coming to school in their pajamas, drinking hot cocoa and


Yeshivat Noam Partners With GrowTorah

Yeshivat Noam students attended a GrowTorah micrograins workshop and learned how to plant through the lens of the Torah.


The Idea School Hosts Winter Exhibition of Learning

On Monday January 9, The Idea School hosted its Winter Exhibition of Student Learning and welcomed a crowd of proud parents and intrigued prospective families. Exhibitions of Learning at The Idea School are what essentially replaces final exams in favor of a public presentation of the students’ learning and


WDS Middle Schoolers Take the Podium

Among the many electives that WDS middle schoolers considered this fall, sixth graders had a new option: Public Speaking and Debate. Public speaking skills are known to correlate with future success and a group of WDS sixth graders have elected to begin preparing for their future successes by developing their oratory


BPY MS Students Learn About Mesopotamia

BPY Middle School students are not just learning about Mesopotamia, they’re imagining that they lived there. Since the Mesopotamians invented the first writing system, cuneiform, the pupils tried their hand at it. First, they translated their name into cuneiform, and then they copied the symbols onto “clay


Yeshivat He’Atid Students Enjoy Liberty Science Center Interactive Matter Show

The third, fourth and fifth graders enjoyed Liberty Science Center’s interactive matter show exploring the science behind dry ice and electricity. There was palpable excitement in the room as the students watched as dry ice created a cloud around the room. As an added treat, the students really laughed


Yavneh Academy Students Complete Sefer Bereishit With Shnayim Mikrah

Yavneh Academy Middle School celebrated the students who finished learning Sefer Breishit with Shnayim Mikrah. Students who finished attended a shiur from Rabbi Yosef Weinberger (Class of ’03), assistant Rabbi at Bnai Yeshurun. The students then enjoyed a siyum meal of pizza, fries and ice cream, followed by an


Yeshivat Noam Students Compete In STEMPIAD Competitions

Yeshivat Noam elementary school students had fun while learning scientific concepts during STEMPIAD competitions. Students learned about buoyancy and engineering. They made boats and then tested the strength of each one in water! Additionally, they learned about machines and kinetic energy by creating a Rube Goldberg. One


BCHA Administrators Travel To Denver for Prizmah Conference

Last week, Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy Administrators Rabbi Shimmy Trencher, Upper School Principal, and David Giver, Middle School Principal, joined over 1,000 Jewish educational professionals and leaders at the Prizmah Conference in Denver, Colorado. At the conference, representatives from over 300 North American Jewish day


SAR Academy’s 3rd Grade Visits the Zoo

The SAR Academy third grade visited Jungle World and Madagascar at the Bronx Zoo to enhance their study of rainforests. From the minute our students entered the warm, misty exhibits, they were mesmerized by the wide variety of fascinating animals and plants. For example, they were treated to close-up

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