Monday, September 26, 2022


Naaleh Freshmen Take Trip to NYC

The Naaleh freshman class had an amazing time on their trip to New York City. They started off the day off with a delicious breakfast and then headed to Chelsea Piers for fun and challenging team-building activities. The girls enjoyed a picnic lunch together and spent the remainder of the afternoon playing laser tag,


Westchester Torah Academy Starts New Year in Style

Westchester Torah Academy had an amazing first week! Following the school’s tradition, incoming first grade students were welcomed with a special ceremony—Kabbalat Kitah Alef. The children gathered together under a tallit to receive special brachot from Head of School Morah Deganit Ronen, and celebrate the new


RYNJ Gives Cross River SINAI Students Warm Welcome

New students at the Cross River SINAI School at RYNJ were excited to receive special welcome gifts from their partner school, the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey. Girls received special clipboards; Boys received RYNJ kippot—and everyone got cookies!


Bruriah Middle School Has First Day Tie-Dye Activity

Bruriah Middle School returned to school last week, excited and invigorated for a new year! Orientation began with a beautiful davening followed by a welcome by Dr. Strulowitz, who energized the students for the exciting year ahead. Further fueled by a delicious breakfast, the students got busy crafting and


Yavneh Academy Choir Performs at FIDF Gala

Members of the Yavneh Academy choir, under the direction of music teacher Marsha Motzen, had the honor of performing the National Anthem at the FIDF gala held on September 8, at the Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey. Choir parents had the opportunity to socialize and enjoyed a beautiful buffet dinner, as well as hearing


He’Atid Kindergarten Learns About 10 Frames

Yeshivat He’Atid kindergarten students had a wonderful time utilizing the 10 frame teaching tool to develop their number sense. The 10 frame is a graphic tool that allows students to “see” numbers.


Tenafly Chabad Academy’s Fifth Graders Start Biology

In their third biology class of the year, Tenafly Chabad Academy fifth graders explored the characteristics of living and nonliving things by comparing different animals, plants and inanimate objects (such as a toy car and a burning candle). By making observations and collecting data, the students learned what


The Idea School Has Exciting First Week

The Idea School staff and students dove right into their first semester projects, learning and design challenges. Launching the 11th and 12th grades beit midrash, history and English project for the semester is “SIM New York City,” a Live Action Role Play (LARP), in which students have been divided into


A Note From Moriah Administrators

Morah Divsha: “It’s been very exciting for both the morot and children in our very first week of early childhood! We are enjoying getting to know one another better, and the children are becoming familiar with the new routines.”

Morah Odelia: “We were thrilled to


Naaleh Hosts Fun Student Orientation

At orientation, the Naaleh students heard from the administrators about what to expect from the school year including new policies and procedures and exciting new spaces in the building. The girls created beautiful magnetic locker signs with motivational phrases relating to the school-wide student life theme of


Ma’ayanot Is All In

Ma’ayanot’s school theme this year is “בכל לבבך ובכל נפשך,” we are all in. This theme reflects the school’s commitment to individual and collective engagement and achievement. At Ma’ayanot, administrators, faculty and students are all in for learning, bonding, growing and for an


RPRY Learns About Vegetable Gardens

RPRY students in early childhood received a surprise show and tell from Nurse Wendy. She brought a giant zucchini she had grown from her own garden. The students were able to see the wonders of Hashem in action. They understood the dedication and work involved to help facilitate the process of growing

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