Saturday, December 04, 2021


BPY Breeds Talmidei Chachamim

Every Thursday after school ends, approximately 30 middle school students at BPY stay for another shiur of voluntary learning with Rabbi Zucker. This special mishmar session begins with helpings of delicious cholent and potato kugel, as well as delectable maza portions. The shiur begins with a presentation of a “thought


BCHSJS Students Join in Scavenger Hunt

Students from the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies enjoyed a brisk, fall, morning outside the walls of their regular Sunday classrooms at Van Saun Park. Students regularly discuss how Judaism weaves itself into their lives, and on this particular November morning, they went on a hunt for answers learning how


TABC Hosts Freshmen Parents Meet and Greet

Parents of the TABC Class of 2025 came together last Motzei Shabbat for a Freshman Parent Meet & Greet hosted at the home of Ruchi and Jon Tiger. Parents enjoyed the opportunity to hear from Head of School Rabbi Shlomo Adelman and the freshman advisory team, and eat and schmooze about how well their boys are


Ma’ayanot Students Are Feeling Grateful

As the Ma’ayanot students prepare for Thanksgiving and Chanukah, they are feeling extremely grateful for all they have. The Ma’ayanot Chesed Committee, led by Mia Polonetsky, thought this was a perfect time to help those who are less fortunate and organized a clothing drive to collect clothing and shoes to be


The Idea School Student Leads Professional Development Session

North Shore Hebrew Academy welcomed The Idea School to present on project-based learning. One of the sessions was presented by an Idea School junior student who spoke with educators about creative assessments, student voice and choice, and authentic learning—all foundations of the project-based learning


Gan Yaldenu Tots Has Fun Baking

Each week the classes get a chance to bake something that has to do with what they are learning that week. This past week some of the classes were reviewing their colors and the puppies class was learning parshat Noach so they made rainbow cupcakes. The Butterfly class was learning the letter ‘D’ and made


Bruriah Middle School Bonds on Trip

Bruriah Middle School’s bonding trip was a great success! Students began their day at Sky Zone, where students used their boundless energy, jumping, playing and having a great time! Some of the many highlights were the student/staff dodgeball games. Congratulations to the student team on winning every game!


JKHA Middle School Takes On the BLAM Challenge

JKHA middle school launched a new initiative entitled “BLAM,” Bentch Like a Mensch. The program will challenge students to say Birkat Hamazon, and with kavanah from a bentcher, for 40 consecutive days. Students will be given a tracker in order to monitor their progress and all those who complete the challenge will win


Eighth Graders Enjoy a Unique MTA Experience

On Tuesday, November 16, MTA welcomed an incredible group of eighth graders from across the New York and New Jersey area for an exciting event featuring unique experiences that can only be found at MTA, including dinner from Golan, a shiur with a Yeshiva University rebbe and watching the YU Macs (ranked #2


Mazal Tov to JEC Fourth Grade Girls

The girls in 4G were told to come in wearing a special article of clothing last week for a big surprise…. התחלת נביא! In honor of starting to learn Navi, the girls had a special celebration where they decorated beautiful pins, learned a song about the timeline leading up to ספר יהושע and enjoyed


Pre-K at Gan Yaldenu of Teaneck Explores Pumpkins

The pre-k at Gan Yaldenu of Teaneck explored a pumpkin. They completed their classroom magazine all about pumpkins and touched the outside and inside of the pumpkin. They separated the seeds which were then roasted. Then students turned the pumpkin into a purée and made pumpkin muffins. Yummy!


RPRY Students Are Ready For Thanksgiving

RPRY’s early childhood made turkey hats to bring home in honor of Thanksgiving.

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