Monday, May 25, 2020


RKYHS Enjoys Friendship Day

RKYHS held its first ever Friendship Day in partnership with Friendship Circle of Metrowest. Students joined with the Friendship Circle participants for a fun-filled day of sports, arts and crafts, cooking and a magic show. The school was so appreciative of Toba Grossbaum and the Friendship Circle for providing its students with


RTMA Open House: Standing Room Only

There was standing room only at the Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy (RTMA) Open House this past Wednesday evening, as seventy boys representing fourteen schools and over eighteen communities came out to learn more about RTMA’s outstanding modern Torah Mesivta program. Faculty, students and parents presented information about RTMA’s


Olympic Athlete AJ Edelman Impresses Ben Porat Yosef Students

Ben Porat Yosef junior high students got to learn all about the sport of skeleton from Olympic athlete-in-training and Jewish day school graduate AJ Edelman on Friday, October 23. AJ is training to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics as part of the Israeli delegation. He described what it is like to sled down a track at 90 mph with


JKHA Fourth Grade Sees Double

JKHA fourth grade students have started to learn double digit multiplication. After reviewing the partial products method, the teachers introduced the traditional multi-digit algorithm. Students are continuing to use their estimation skills to determine the reasonableness of their answer. In addition to small group work,


Fall Outing for SINAI Students

SINAI at RYNJ took a fall field trip to pick apples and visit a farm.


Local Jewish Day School Girls Visit Google Headquarters

More than 200 ninth and 10th grade Jewish day school girls participating in the CIJE-Tech High School Engineering Program, enjoyed a behind-the-scenes visit full of innovation and insight at Google’s New York headquarters.

Craig Nevill-Manning, founder of Google, New York welcomed


RYNJ Students Learn About Tomchei Shabbos

The RYNJ yiladim of K2 are learning all about community helpers. This week they welcomed RYNJ parents Mrs. Sarah Walzman and Mrs. Sarah Zilberstein of Tomchei Shabbos of Bergen County to their class. Mrs. Walzman and Mrs. Zilberstein taught them all about this essential tzedakah program and how to pack boxes for Shabbat. They even


Ma’ayanot Holds Friday Night Oneg for Students

Last week, at the home of Amira (‘19) and Talia (‘16) Wittenberg, Ma’ayanot held its first oneg of the year. Though the weather was chilly, over one hundred students—including dozens of commuters who were hosted by their Teaneck classmates—and ten faculty members came out for this event. The night was full of Torah,


‘Meet the Israeli Author’ Holds Opening Event

On Wednesday, Yeshiva University High School for Boys’ 11th grade “Meet the Israeli Author” elective kicked off its first formal class. “Meet the Israeli Author” is a Hebrew elective course for motivated Hebrew language students and budding Hebrew writers. Throughout the year, students will be participating in


Frisch High School, 20 Years Later

The Frisch School Class of ’95 celebrated its 20 year reunion this past Saturday night at the school building in Paramus. Nearly 100 alumni, guests and faculty members were in attendance.

In addition to a spending the night reconnecting with one another and reminiscing, the class came


Tent Event at RYNJ

Parashat Vayera affords the opportunity for the students of RYNJ to learn about the middot of our forefathers and to emulate them in a very special way. Last week was the RYNJ annual “Tent Event”. A huge tent was erected in the concourse area that was reminiscent of Avraham and Sarah’s tent, open on all four sides


Yeshivat Noam ‘Navi Cake Boss’ Melava Malka

In celebration of the start of learning Navi (Prophets), the fifth grade girls were invited to a melava malka at the home of their Morah, Ilana Rauzman. The girls played “Navi Cake Boss” and were challenged with the task of decorating their cake based on their learning in Sefer Yehoshua. The girls enjoyed the evening