Saturday, August 15, 2020


Ma’ayanot Students Explore Controversial Case with NYC Police Officer

Orthodox NYPD officer offers perspective on ‘stop and frisk’ policy

Teaneck—What started out as a conversation about Fourth Amendment rights in a US Government class led to a lively presentation by a New York City (NYC) police officer about the contentious topic of the city’s stop and frisk program. Along the way Ma’ayanot seniors learned that often


Lag B’Omer Carnival at CareOne at Teaneck.

An estimated 300 residents of Teaneck and surrounding communities came out and spent the afternoon with CareOne’s patients, playing carnival games, getting their faces painted and participating in fun Zumba exercises.


TABC Book Day

From its inception, Book Day has been a labor of love. With our goal of fostering a sense of unity in the Torah Academy community that revolves around the act of reading, we sat down last summer to choose the most relevant books for our school.

Once again determined to involve all faculty, staff and students in the act of reading and discussing a text that


WOW! The World of Wings Rocks a Kid’s World

Walking through the World Of Wings is bound to delight and excite your little ones, and, most likely you too. There is so much to do and see there, don’t be surprised if you find yourself turning to the stranger standing next to you and saying “Can you believe this place is in TEANECK?!

It’s happened to us more than once at this unique and delightful


Yeshivat Noam Middle School Dynamic Earth Expo

Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at Yeshivat Noam have been busy learning about Planet Earth, its features and resources, for the Middle School Dynamic Earth Expo which was help April 10, 2013. The Expo is an interactive museum all about Earth. It highlights the beauty, diversity, and power of our planet and introduces visitors to new and future energy resources,


Noam Student Rates at Spelling Bee

Eitan Waldman of Yeshivat Noam in Paramus came in second place in the North Jersey Spelling Bee held at Bergen Community College recently. Rabbi Hagler wishes him Kol HaKavod and says he is proud that Eitan represented the Paramus yeshiva at the competition. Eighty-three students from Bergen and Essex counties vied for the trophy in the spelling bee sponsored by


Ma’ayanot Students Learn About the Importance of Halachic Organ Donation

Usually one thinks of learning as something that happens in the classroom, but students at Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls in Teaneck, NJ recently received an important life-lesson on organ donation in an assembly organized by the school’s Athletics Director, Eileen Schwarz.  Schwartz, who is passionate about the subject, intended for her students to learn


Yom HaShoah at Yavneh Academy

Yavneh Academy had the privilege of hosting Mr. Zelik and Mrs. Minde Diamond for Yom Hashoah. The Diamonds told their stories of survival during the Holocaust.

The Diamonds, both from the town of Dohlinev in eastern Poland, spoke first of life in pre-war Poland, later Russian and German, occupations. The brutal reality of the period was punctuated with touching


Halls of Remembrance: Students win award for bio-pic of Sigmund Rolat of the North American Council of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews

New Milford—Students at the Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County (SSDS) moved quietly through the hallways last week, mindful of the solemnity of Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Dressed in black and white, Lower School students (3rd-5th Grades) lit Yahrzeit candles, listened to tuneful recitations of


Students at TABC’s Annual Yom HaShoah Program

Students in the photo from left to right:

Drew Stromer (Manhattan) Jonathan Meiner (Highland Park), Ariel Fromowitz (Teaneck) Pinny Rapp (Riverdale), Ari Tepler (Teaneck), Shalom Gottesman (Teaneck), David Kaufman (Teaneck), Yoni Friedman (Teaneck), Mr Bernard Gotfryd, survivor, Noam Fromowitz (Teaneck), David Berlin (Teaneck), Marty Spiewak (Teaneck) Jacob


After Anne Frank

TABC Remembers in a Unique Way

Anyone walking by the Beit Knesset at the Torah Academy of Bergen County (TABC) on April 8th might naturally have wondered what was capturing the attention of a large audience of teenaged boys. In fact, the yeshiva’s day-long Yom HaShoah commemoration was culminating in a dramatic presentation by the multi-talented


Keeping the Faith: Lavi Greenspan

A fellow by the name of Lavi Greenspan came to speak to Moriah Middle School students recently and ended up inspiring everyone. As Rabbi Bernstein said, “Bodybuilders have muscles from head to toe, but this man is much stronger than they are.”

Before Lavi reached the age of 26, he’d undergone six surgeries, a journey which began after he was diagnosed