Tuesday, May 17, 2022


TCA Fourth Graders Host Country Fair

This week, TCA fourth graders held a Country Fair, which was a culmination of nearly eight weeks of research, note-taking, writing, revising, organizing and planning. Each student was assigned a specific country and spent time each week learning about their chosen country as they developed their research and


BPY Reenacts Kriyat Yam Suf

״בכל דור חייב אדם לראות עצמו כאילו יצא ממצרים״

At BPY, the students live the Torah and its history while engaging with and feeling the connection to Am Yisrael and Torat Yisrael! Before Pesach, elementary school students had the chance to


TABC Talmidim Celebrate Torah Learning Achievements

On top of their daily rigorous shiurim, TABC students are presented with a myriad of ways to deepen their Torah learning. When TABC students submit 92,000 minutes (you read that right!) of extra learning, everyone’s a winner! Last week TABC celebrated the hasmada marathon siyum and finale with doughnuts and prizes.


CKids at Anshei Lubavitch Enjoys Winter Camp


April Is Busy for TABC Alumni

TABC was proud to host dozens of alumni who returned to visit TABC in the weeks before Pesach. The alumni had the opportunity to enjoy pre-chag shiurim from Rabbi Raphi Mandelstam, as well as their fellow alumni who are now TABC rebbeim, R’ Yehuda Avner ‘13 and Rabbi Ezra Stone ‘11. Alumni visitors have also


TCA Hosts Friendship Circle Camp

Tenafly Chabad Academy had the honor and privilege of hosting the Friendship Circle Camp once again on Erev Pesach.


Yeshivat Noam EC Enjoys Model Seders

Yeshivat Noam early childhood students experienced a hands-on Pesach at their model Seders.


RYNJ Students Protect the Earth

This year Earth Day took place over Pesach break. When RYNJ students returned one Monday they learned about how to recycle, reuse and reduce all the garbage that we produce and how to keep the world that we live in beautiful. They also found different ways to protect the earth and used boxes as tables and reused


Irving Montak [email protected] Students Are Storm Ready

In science class, Irving Montak [email protected] studentsexplored the effects of natural hazards such as tornadoes, hurricanes and dust storms. The students were challenged to create windproof house models using materials like paper clips, toothpicks, and tape and came up with their own


Naaleh Biology Students Create Children’s Books

Students in Naaleh’s Biology class recently studied diseases. The students were divided into groups and they each studied inheritance patterns, symptoms, and treatments of specific diseases. Each group then created a children’s book about their disease which focused on how young children can approach someone


JEC High School Takes Two Wins

The JECHS STEM team competed in the annual CIJE robotics competition. All of the major schools around the tri-state area and beyond entered 102 robots into this tournament. Three of the four bots submitted by JEC students placed in the top eight, and two of them won first and second place! These wins are a culmination of


Heichal HaTorah Tikvah Class Visits YU Museum

Just before Pesach, Heichal HaTorah’s ninth grade English Tikvah class visited the Yeshiva University Museum in downtown Manhattan with an exclusive hands-on guided tour exploring artifacts from the museum’s collections, given by the director of the museum and its senior archivist. Heichal’s freshman Tikvah program

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