Monday, April 19, 2021


MTA Seniors Film Holocaust Survivor Stories For ‘Names, Not Numbers©’

On Sunday, March 7, seniors in MTA’s “Names, Not Numbers ©elective course filmed the final interviews for their Holocaust documentary. They had the distinct privilege of interviewing survivors Sami Steigmann and Paula Weissman and documenting their stories. Steigmann spent years in a labor camp in the


Rollerblading Is Fun at Bruriah Middle School

Bruriah Middle School students spent a day bonding and enjoying a great trip. After a stop at the park for fresh air and cinnamon buns, the entire middle school boarded the buses and headed to the RollerMagic Rink. The girls enjoyed rollerblading with friends and teachers. It was great to see students helping their classmates while their teachers participated


RYNJ Students Are Always Growing

RYNJ fourth graders completed their unit on the water cycle and are set to begin studying plants in science. During STEAM they bridged the two units with a terrarium project. Students created water cycle posters using Google drawings and researched and planned their own tiny garden in a bottle. Students learned


Moriah Middle School Wins Torah Bowl

Last week, the Moriah boys (sixth and eighth) and girls (sixth and seventh) Torah Bowl teams led by Rina Levinson won their respective Torah Bowl competitions! The students prepared all of the Rashis in Shelach, Korach, Chukat and part of Balak. Kol hakavod!


BPY Has Measurement Scavenger Hunt

As part of their unit on measurement, the first graders participated in an outdoor measurement scavenger hunt! The children were tasked with finding and measuring leaves, rocks, sticks, steps and more. In addition to practicing the skill of measuring objects to the nearest inch, this activity was a fun way to enjoy the


Yeshivat He’Atid Second Graders Explore Poetry

The Yeshivat He’Atid second-grade students are so excited to complete their poetry anthologies! As part of a very special poetry unit, the students learned about rhyme and meaning in poetry and how to infer a poem’s underlying message and express the feelings it evokes. The students were introduced to various literary elements


The Idea School Joins YU Model Congress

On March 10, The Idea School competed in theYU Model Congress for the first time. Four students prepared for weeks by writing resolutions and practicing speeches ahead of the event. Opening remarks were presented by Congresswoman Kathleen Rice who charged the Model Congress with appreciating the responsibility and the opportunity


[email protected]’ayanot: Students Combine Engineering and Entrepreneurship

What happens when you combine ingenuity, passion and cutting-edge equipment? Juniors in Ma’ayanot’s STEAM elective have opened “ [email protected],” an online pop-up store where students are selling their own 3D-printed creations! Juniors in this course are applying their


Anshei Lubavitch Students Create Pesach Masterpieces

As Pesach draws closer, Anshei Lubavitch students are working together with their morahs to create crafts and projects to enhance every step of the Pesach Seder! The children are creating matzah covers, afikoman bags, Seder plates, karpas bowls, cups for Eliyahu and gorgeous Haggadahs. The children cannot wait to


YBH of Passaic Robotics Team Competes

YBH of Passaic girls’ Vex Robotics team competed in this year’s winter competition and did an amazing job under the guidance of Rabbi Heshy Wieder, YBH science chair. The participants received individual trophies for their hard work and perseverance. Their achdus and ruach were award-worthy as well!


Moriah Kindergarten Prepares for Pesach

The Moriah kindergarten students have been busily preparing for Pesach! They have been working on their Haggadot, painting their matzah covers and learning the “Ma Nishtana.” There are so many members of the “Ma Nishtana” club.

In conjunction with learning the “Ma Nishtana” the


RYNJ Students Pack Their Mashiach Bags 

״בניסן נגאלו ובניסן עתידים להגאל״

In the month of Nissan we were redeemed and in the month of Nissan we will, God willing, be redeemed. In order to prepare for Mashiach, the students of Morah Deena Katz’s class packed their Mashiach