July 17, 2024
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July 17, 2024
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SHRM 2024 Conference in Chicago Takeaway: Revolutionizing Employee Benefits for HR Professionals

Human Resource (HR) representatives play a crucial role in employee retention, well-being and satisfaction. However, HR professionals face unique challenges even in a rapidly advancing technological and professional world. Relying heavily on technology to relieve some of their time to allow for the growing need for human interaction and support have become vital to the workplace. Therefore, one might ask, “Who is the HR for the HR?” Who will support HRs while they support the entire employee body?


Who Is the HR for the HR?

Time and time again, through conversing with HRs on their daily occupation at our time in SHRM Chicago 2024, we have run into the question “Who is the HR for the HR?” Both speakers and HR have reiterated that HRs not only have to be there for their employees but also themselves. According to a study mentioned by People Spheres, 95% of HR leaders report feeling overwhelmed with their positions due to excessive workload and stress. With the ever growing calendar invites, compliance deadlines and employee requests, HRs wonder, who will be there to accommodate them?


Utilizing Employee Benefits Resources as an HR

Many HRs have yet to take advantage of the complementary services offered by outsourcing tasks. When it comes to employee benefits and compliance, a broker’s expertise can minimize headaches, workload and confusion amongst employees. A broker will assist with the benefits needs of the business and its employees in addition to strategizing a benefits proposal that is affordable, competitive, with wellness initiatives that are simple to implement, and an HRIS portal where all benefits administration is within the click of a button.

Employee benefits can also include outsourced professional help to offload the “HR Therapy” many employees seek. From hotlines to advisors, from mental health to finance, HRs can now spend less time on the daily needs of employees and can focus more on creating a company culture in which everyone can thrive.


Managing Compliance And Payroll as an HR

Compliance is another area HRs have found to be a hassle. A broker can help with your compliance deadlines and filing paperwork. As we have moved into the digital age, compliance can be automated for both HR and employees so you can avoid unnecessary work.

Payroll processing companies and brokers are another resource that HRs take advantage of. Allowing payroll to become streamlined with employee benefits and compliance, the work becomes easy to manage and less stressful day to day.


Automating Hiring and Onboarding

In addition to payroll and compliance, employee training can overload your HR. Training companies can provide assistance with office etiquette, Excel mastery, and communications, relieving HRs of extra work.

When it comes to staffing and recruitment, Novo Resume reports that nine out of 10 employers struggle to find the right talent for their companies. With this in mind, some companies even specialize in the exact employee specifications you are searching for. The entire hiring process is now able to be automated with finding your candidates, background checks and screenings, the training, and benefits administration allowing you to onboard employees seamlessly.


Health and Wellness Programs And Their Benefits

With automation, HRs can now focus on the increase of employee satisfaction, retention and development through the optimization of benefits and programs that companies may offer. You can now watch your company culture thrive!

Ultimately, the wellness of your company stands on the wellness of your employees. Advancements in healthcare and technology have been a crucial part in allowing employees to feel heard and seen, mentally and physically, allowing them to take a step back from the struggle of daily healthcare, finances and cultural uncertainty. With physical and mental health services opting for telehealth, individuals are now able to access healthcare from the comfort of their own homes, while on break, and even on business trips. This approach allows for employees to get first-hand assistance with early intervention, prevention and maintenance of their health.


Mental Health Approach To Employee Wellness

Insurance carriers have now begun offering comprehensive mental health services and coverage jointly as they have come to acknowledge the need for a holistic approach to the well-being of our society. According to the Work Institute, first-year employees are statistically most likely to leave their jobs. In order to keep businesses running smoothly, we need to accommodate for the transition process of employees from one role to another, and replacements. Benefits such as gym memberships, nutritionists and health screenings can be offered to employees complementary. Organizations that promote preventative disease care and the importance of work-life balance contribute to the long-term well-being and success of a company and its employees.

Another valuable resource for employees is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAPs provide counseling, referrals and support services to individuals facing personal or work-related challenges. While EAPs have numerous advantages, it is essential to

consider their limitations. Some employees may hesitate to utilize EAPs due to concerns about privacy or potential consequences. Striking a balance between maintaining confidentiality and addressing underlying issues is crucial for EAPs to be effective.


Can AI and Technology Replace Human Connection?

Some might wonder, if AI and technology can replace mundane tasks, why can’t they replace humans? And the answer is short and straightforward. When was the last time you were satisfied on a phone call with a robot instead of a customer service representative? When was the last time you had a business meeting with a robot? When was the last time you had to develop a creative project without creativity? Until AI and technology learn to mimic the exact mind process of humans, workers cannot be replaced and instead can only be aided in their daily tasks. And even when they can do so, they won’t be able to manage to make intuitive decisions which you need to do every day when it comes to being a worker. Technology and AI should always be taken advantage of as a tool where necessary, especially through their ability to optimize the workplace.



In conclusion, HR reps face unique challenges in a rapidly advancing technological world. However, brokers, recruiters, trainers, and all of their technology combined can help streamline processes while facilitating human interaction and support. The growing importance of mental health and wellness options reflects the increasing need for human connection and assistance in the digital age. By embracing technology and resources, organizations can prioritize the well-being of their employees, creating a supportive and thriving work environment.


Health and Benefits Broker

To explore comprehensive health benefits that address these challenges, consider contacting Cosmo Insurance. They offer a range of health benefit options to support employers and employees in navigating the complexities of healthcare. Take the first step toward enhancing your organization’s well-being by connecting with Cosmo Insurance today.

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