Friday, December 02, 2022

On June 19, 2013, both at Teaneck Southern Fields and at Votee Park, the winners of TBO and Teaneck Southern’s championship baseball and softball teams played each other for the inaugural “Teaneck Bragging Rights” Championship Games.

The Southern Wildcats (manager Linda Padilla-Diaz) team was up 19-16 going into the bottom of the sixth. In that final frame, TBO’s Knoll Orthodontic (manager Steve Gronowitz) found itself with the bases loaded and two outs. The game was down to the final batter. With all eyes on her, she hits it right at the Southern second baseman, who grabs the ball in her glove. But the ball pops out, and TBO wins.

The interleague games were born in the winter of 2012. At that time Teaneck Southern reached out to TBO, because some or all of the fields at Votee Park were going to be unusable for the 2012 season. There were limited games played between the two leagues last year. As a result of much positive feedback, the inter-league games became a highlight of this past season, culminating in the aforementioned game.

All involved should walk away with their head held high; it was a wonderful sight to have the two groups together. During the game one of the TBO players got injured and the Southern coaches carried her off the field. Knoll Orthodontic, third baseman, Jessie Gronowitz, made it a point to strike up a conversation with every Wildcat that reached 3rd base.

In other inter-league games; Teaneck Southern Yankees defeated TBO’s Coolkippahs 7-5. TBO’s J & J Pharmacy team were 5-4 winners over Teaneck Southern Grasshoppers and Teaneck Southern Gators were 9-4 winners over TBO in the middle girls division.

This would not have been possible without the drive and determination of a select few:  Teaneck Southern President James Brown, Dave Rueger and Linda Padilla-Diaz of Southern, Steve Gronowitz and Sue Feuerstein from TBO. Both leagues plan to meet, and discuss ways to improve on the already successful interleague games.

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