Friday, December 02, 2022

The Elite began its season with several new players. Key new additions were Rob (1B, 2B), Joe M. (3B) and Dennis (1B).

The Elite, which was the result of a merger with the Mishpuchah and the Bombers several years ago, now has its fourth championship under its belt to go along with two losses in the finals. Four players, Joe S. (OF), Ben (OF), Larry (C) and Jason (P) have been playing together for over 10 years now. Rounding out the starting roster, the team includes two youngsters, Eric (2B, OF) and Nick (SS), and Mark M. (OF), Scott H. (OF) and Elliot (C). Mark D. started the season in the outfield, but got injured midseason.Several other players filled in from time to time. Super sub Tony played several positions, including catcher and 3rd base and came through to help the defense.

The team started out strong winning six of seven games. Midseason vacations and injuries created lineup adjustments and a few close losses. (At the end of the season there weretwo losses to the Bombers and two to the Noshers—three of the losses by one run.)

For most of the season the Elite were a real scoring machine, averaging over 18 runs agame. Nine different guys hit at least one ball over the fence in Schmidt, but quite a few shots were hit at Warren Point, Center Rec and New Milford as well.

The team ended the season at 10-4 and earned the #2 seed and a first round BYE.

In the playoffs, the Elite beat Hava Tequila to earn a rematch with the Goniffs (a team that had eliminated them two years prior in the first round). In the first game, the Goniffs beat the Elite by four runs.But in the second and third games, the Elite exploded for over 18 runs again and with good defense earned a spot in the finals against the Sea Dogs.

The Mishpucha/Elite team was now playing the Sea Dogs, the defending champions in the finals for the fourth time in 10 years.This version of the Elite though proved a bit too powerful for the Sea Dogs, scoring over 20 runs in game two and 36 runs in the final game.

Manager Larry would like to give extra credit to Ben, Nick and Joe for their top-of-the-lineup killer offense and stellar defense, and pitcher Jason who pitched every inning of every game except for the two games that he was away.

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