Friday, December 02, 2022

Basketball is one of the many sports played at JEC’s Bruriah High School for Girls. We are fortunate that Bruriah can field two competitive basketball teams. Both squads made it to the first round of the playoffs last year and eagerly anticipate the season ahead. The A team is the 2012 MYHSL champs, and the 1 team improved from 2-8 in 2012 to 7-4 in 2013.

The A team, is led by Coach Susan Rifkin and consists of 3 seniors (Penina Abramov, Daphna Becker, and Jennifer Gardner), 2 juniors (Nikki Bick and Michal Hyman), 5 sophomores (Shira Allen, Dani Berlin, Basya Goldstein, Julia Landau, and Ally Orgel), and 5 freshman (Tali Becker, Sapir Kent, Chanie Weinberger, Tovah Weiskopf, and Arielle Wenig). These 15 players are prepared to play hard and are looking forward to a great season ahead.

The 1 team, also led by Coach Susan Rifkin and assisted by Miri Korbman, has been practicing hard. Their team is made up of 5 seniors (Eliana Alter, Rachel Hershkowitz, Shoshana Rozenberg, Atara Salomon, and Chaya Scheiner), 2 juniors (Elana Rutner and Avigayil Wiener), 7 sophomores (Shira Alter, Sarah Brown, Rachel Eckstein, Elisheva Pfeiffer, Orit Reiter, Shayna Rosenzweig, and Shayna Schwartz), and 1 freshman (Ilana Markowitz). Their team is eager to play and is also anxiously awaiting the start of their season.

By Ilana Markowitz

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