Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Tuesday, October 29th - Ma’ayanot’s varsity volleyball team kicked off the season with a win against Ramaz. Although Ramaz won the first set, Ma’ayanot came back and secured the victory by winning the next three sets. The Rapids were off to a great season!

Sunday, November 3rd - The team played their second game against Kushner. The Rapids won the first set 25-6, and the next two sets were quickly won as well. A highlight of the game included junior Alex Fuch’s 15 consecutive serves.

Tuesday, November 5th - Ma’ayanot’s volleyball team was put to the test in their third game against Frisch. The first set was close, but the Rapids lost 21-25. The second set was even closer, but the Rapids lost again by a score of 25-23. Frisch only needed to win one more set to take the game.

The excitement grew as the Rapids rallied from behind to win both the third and fourth sets, 25-20 and 25-17 respectively, which set up the need for a tense tie-breaker set.  Coming off of two straight set wins, the Rapid’s morale was high and they rode that momentum to a decisive 21-9 win in the final set. After a slow start, Ma’ayanot rallied to win the game against Frisch! The Rapids’ gaming record is now 3-0. Go Rapids!

By Pammy Brenner