Monday, June 05, 2023

To culminate an undefeated regular season, Canada took home the championship vs. The Netherlands this past Sunday in front of a raucous crowd at Amman Park.

Regular practices throughout the season made a huge difference as players knew where to be at all times and when to attack the ball.  They say that “defense wins championships”, and Canada proved it.  It was a total team effort, starting with the offensive players retreating to help out on defense, the defense holding their ground when called upon, and star goalie, Judah Vogel shutting the door if anything got through.  Canada only gave up one meaningless late goal in their 3 playoff wins.

Canada’s relentless attack was led by Shay Fields, Abie Fields, Eitan Vogel and Gavi Greenspan, and was made possible by the omnipresent Gilad Jutkowitz who played a flawless midfield as he was always involved in the play.  Although Gilad was one of Canada’s top goal scorer’s throughout the regular season, he understood that the ultimate glory of the team would require him to play a more defensive game.  Everyone knew their role, as evidenced by the stellar defensive play of Rami Knapp, Amitai Macklin, Alex Navia and Jack Capeless.  Just when the opposition thought they’d get off a good shot, Rami would step up and gently knock the ball out of harm’s way, or fight off the attack to ensure nothing would get by on his watch.  When the ball did come lose in the penalty area, there was Judah Vogel with a save, or stepping up to take charge of his territory.  Judah squelched numerous chances to the dismay of the opponents well before they had a chance to develop… and with his strong arm, threw the ball past mid field to jump start Canada’s attack.  But to win, you must score – and that’s exactly what Shay Fields did… over and over and over.  He recorded a hat-trick in the championship leading Canada to a 3-1 victory.  Additional contributions were also made by Rafi Neuman, Albert Morfe and Henry Hietikko-Parsons.

It was clear, the players had bought into the system orchestrated by the coaching of Ian Fields, Avi Vogel and Chanan Vogel…  but it was even more clear that they had fun doing it.

And to top it all off, the team was treated to Dunkin Donuts and Hot Chocolate after the game.

Reflecting on the season, Eitan Vogel said the only thing he would have changed would be to have donuts after EVERY game!

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