Tuesday, July 07, 2020

The Frisch JV and Varsity volleyball teams had two amazing wins this past week. They defeated both SAR and Ramaz in JV and varsity play.

The SAR game was tight. JV lost the first game, but then snapped into shape for the second and third. Team members started off as individual players, but by the second game they became one and worked as a team. With amazing serves, players were able to pull through and take home the victory for Frisch.

When it came to the JV Ramaz game, the team was all pumped—coming onto the court ready to win. After going back and forth for a while, the JV managed to come together and win the first game.

In the second game the JV was losing at first, but then, after a quick meeting with their coach, they got back out there and made a huge comeback thanks to Atara Schonbrun.

Going into the third game, JV members were determined to win. They stayed tight and didn’t make many errors. It was then down to the wire. Frisch was winning 19-16 when Zahavah Seidman served two amazing serves and helped seal the victory.

The Frisch Varsity also went 2-0 last week.  It battled SAR from the start and won in straight sets.

Ramaz was a different story. The play was intense from the beginning and lasted through all five sets.  Frisch really pulled together in the fifth set to finally beat a very strong Ramaz team.

What a great week for the Frisch volleyball team!

By Rebecca and Talya Gellis