Saturday, June 06, 2020

The Ma’ayanot Rapids, the JV basketball team, finished its final regular season game at S.A.R. High School. This game was a great one because S.A.R. was the only team that had beaten Ma’ayanot all season. Going into the game, Ma’ayanot, at 8-1, was in first place with S.A.R. nipping at its heels in second.

When the game began, S.A.R got the tip and began to run down the court with the ball. Amazing defense from the Rapids was able to keep the S.A.R. team from scoring a basket. The game remained scoreless for the first four minutes until S.A.R. scored a layup that put them on the scoreboard. S.A.R. held its lead for the remainder of the game, but Ma’ayanot did play fantastically throughout, with both great defense and offense.

The Rapids ran many plays but struggled to break S.A.R.’s tough defense. Most of Ma’ayanot’s points were scored through layups after great passes and dribbling around the defenders. Adina Rosenberg, Alissa Felder, and Gabi Lerner each scored great jump shots as well. At the end of the game, however, S.A.R. still held its lead and closed the game with a final score of 37-20.

Throughout the season, the Rapids, led by their amazing coaches Atara Polinsky and Keni Ashby, had maintained a stellar record, holding first place in their division.

Now with an 8-2 record, final league standings cannot be determined until every other team in the division has completed their season as well. Still, the Ma’ayanot Rapids will advance to the league playoffs later this month.

By Shana Adler