Thursday, February 02, 2023

The Championship game started with a back and forth volley. Captain, Temima Kanarfogel helped the team with an ace, and several points at the net. Junior, Serena Shmulewitz brought in 4 points alone as a result of her consistent serves. The match ended with Ma’ayanot in the lead 25-20.

The second match, the Rapids played aggressively. Juniors, Esther Alexander and Eden Tsour didn’t hold back with a couple of spikes ending in points for each of them.   Sophomore, Noa Barta added to the score and Junior, Alex Fuchs brought in several points at the net and serving line. Ariana Brody, Yael Beirig, and Sara Schochet gave 100% for defense throughout the game. The match ended with Ma’ayanot winning 25-17.

The third match started out tough, but Junior, Rachel Nordlicht brought the rapids a point with her solid defense and Captain, Rachel Klar brought in six points with her too hard to handle serves. Moreet Levine, Talia Kupferman and Avigail Schiff were agressively defending with smart plays. Unfortunately, the match ended 26-24 Ramaz.

Match 4 was as suspenseful as can be with back and forth points. Alex Fuchs knocked down a couple of spikes and Serena Shmulewitz served beautifully adding 4 points to the score. Eden Tsour helped the game with a couple of tips and blocks that brought the Rapids very close to the win. Eden’s 2 serves were clutch when the score was 24/24 bringing the Rapids the last 2 points of the match and the win for Maayanot.

Coach Donna Riker and Coach Kevin Vacciana were so proud to coach this team. The first year coaching staff and their team showed tremendous staying power by defending their title with a victory.

By Jennifer Sanders

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