Friday, June 05, 2020

(Courtesy of Jump Into Shape) Jump Into Shape, a men’s fitness program designed to build a healthier body for your soul, has opened registration for its first live streaming class. The seven-week introductory jump roping class led by Russell Moskowitz, founder of Jump Into Shape, offers a unique opportunity for men to exercise at home in a class with other men from around the world. “I’m excited to offer the benefits of the Jump Into Shape program to men everywhere,” said Moskowitz. “We provide each participant with everything he needs to build a better body for his soul at home.” Class members, who connect to the class on their computer, tablet or mobile device, receive real-time guidance and coaching while engaging in jump roping and body-weight exercises.

The seven session live streaming program is for men with no prior jumping experience and covers the four fundamental jump roping skills: bounding, wrist placement and movement, posture and rope movement. Each class is designed to achieve three goals: 1) build a healthier guf (body) for your neshama (soul), 2) nourish your neshama as Torah is learned in between sets, and 3) have fun. The classes are for men of all ages, however boys need to be at least 4’7” to use the smallest size rope. The 40-minute beginner classes include stretching, a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, an individual and a team challenge. The jumpers use weighted ropes to increase the benefits of jump roping: boosting fat burning, improving cardio and improving mental sharpness. Jumpers master a few basic jumps and then body weight exercises will be used during the class to provide a more challenging and engaging workout.

A Jump Into Shape participant, Scott, recently summed up the class, “The interactive nature and energizing camaraderie that I’ve experienced at a Jump Into Shape class is unlike any group fitness session I’ve experienced. The warm yet challenging encouragement offered by Russell as he guides beginners and more experienced jumpers alike in pushing their physical and mental boundaries is just beyond what they thought possible.” Yosef echoed those sentiments: “Jumping rope alone is a lot of fun and great exercise, but it’s way more enjoyable to jump with a chevra and in a class that incorporates competition, teamwork and Torah. Jump Into Shape classes bring all of these factors together making for an amazing exercise routine that perfectly balances fun and hard work.”

This introductory program will run on Sundays from October 27, through December 8, at 8:30 p.m. EST and will include access to seven live streaming classes, 1/4lb and 1/2lb jump ropes and a fitness mat. Advanced registration is required at www.jumpintoshape.fun/live

Register for in-person or live streaming classes at www.jumpintoshape.fun