Saturday, August 15, 2020

(Yeshiva League Pass) 2019 is a prove-it year for the varsity hockey Ramaz Rams. After a devastating playoff loss last year against HAFTR, the Rams are looking to take the next step this upcoming season by doing the unthinkable: winning the championship. Ramaz has always been known amongst the Yeshiva League as a mediocre team with limited talent and inconsistent play. Yet, the Rams will look to flip this narrative over the course of the following season through the leadership of captains Eddie Catton and Joey Kaplan, both seniors. The two have proven to exemplify the best qualities of leadership on and off the court while also showcasing their unbelievable talent over the past three years. Both are key to the Rams offensive dominance and power play efficiency.

EJ Singer, a sophomore, moved up to varsity this year after showcasing unbelievable talent in the crease and living up to the pressure of playing in a varsity environment. Singer will look to prove himself in varsity this season amongst the best and prove that being young doesn’t make you unqualified for the job. Jack Horowitz is returning to coach the Rams for the second straight season. Horowitz has implemented an incredible culture change amongst the players last season leading the Rams to the playoffs. His experience as a former hockey player in the Yeshiva League enables him to prepare the players for certain situations that he was accustomed to during his own career. Coach Jack has also added an assistant coach, Rebecca Rothschild, to help organize practice and work on increasing stamina amongst the players. The Rams will be shaped this season by many of the seniors who have tons of playing experience in the Yeshiva League. Mark Dweck, Isaac Schertz, Jacob Missry, Ben Silverman and Aryeh Teller have all been proven to be extremely important contributors to the Rams. Whether it’s Dweck’s penalty kill expertise, Silverman’s incredible stick handling abilities, Missry’s aggressive playing style, Schertz’s combination of shut-down defense and aggressive pinch-in offense or Teller’s body-to-body defense in the corner and in front of the goalie, all will prove to be important players in having a strong season. Notable juniors on varsity include Yoav Shames, Jeremy Baruch, Yonah Taragin, Daniel Hershkowitz, Ilan Shochet and Eitan Linhart. All are well-prepared to take the next step this season and contribute to the varsity team whether through offensive talent or defensive abilities. There is reason to be optimistic regarding the upcoming season. It won’t be easy, but nothing is stopping the Rams from achieving remarkable success this season.