Monday, August 03, 2020

Though it began with a bit of uncertainty, the Yeshiva High School Ice Hockey League finally dropped the puck to begin its third season. Due to mechanical issues last year at the rink at Mackay Park, the league was very much in doubt. The town finally made the decision to replace the system completely, thereby preserving this year’s games and hopefully for many years to come.

Six teams will once again participate—TABC, SAR, Ramaz, Flatbush, Frisch and The Central Jersey squad (with their iconic jerseys) made up of JEC and Kushner.

Flatbush makes a return after a one year absence, while the Monsey team, incredibly, has garnered enough interest to create an entire league of its own.

What is evident right from the start is not only the rise in participation, but the quality of play from all of the teams involved as well. With the increased availability of ice and observant-friendly travel leagues, high level talent is now being spread out to all the yeshivas, which will also undoubtedly raise the competitiveness of the games.

As of now, each team plays seven games. However, the league is looking to increase not only the amount of games being played, but perhaps also extending play at other rink locations. The frequency of practices vary among schools, but many feel it is nowhere near enough, and will be looking to expand in that area simply due to the increase in numbers and interest.

Games are on most Sundays at Mackay Park in Englewood at 5:15 p.m. and beginning in February, Saturday evenings at 8:30 p.m. as well. See you at the rink!