Saturday, July 04, 2020

Last Thursday, the Frisch Cougars con­tinued a suspended game against the TABC Storm. Before the game got sus­pended, the Cougars were winning 2-0 after just two innings. In the five innings remaining, Frisch scored 4 more runs re­sulting in a 6-0 win for the Cougars.

Before this game, the Cougars were 3-3, struggling to keep a .500 record. But af­ter this game and the double header they played on Sunday versus SAR and JEC, Frisch has been nothing but golden, push­ing its record up to 6-3. As a team, they have pitched 26 straight scoreless innings.

The team as a whole has been com­ing together and really supporting each other throughout each game. The mo­rale of the team has grown exponential­ly, a good sign for the team’s future as its members have one more regular season game remaining before they head into the playoffs.

By Alex Kershenbaum