Thursday, June 24, 2021

(Courtesy of Jump Into Shape) On Sunday night, October 4, Jump Into Shape (www.jumpintoshape.fun) raised $1,150 for Kosher Troops ( www.koshertroops.com ), an organization that sends kosher food and holiday gift baskets to several hundred Jewish members of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed stateside and abroad, at their first ever Jump-A-Thon. The Jump-A-Thon was sponsored by Moshe Moskowitz, founder and lead trainer of Jump Into Shape, who donated $10 for each participant, plus an additional $180 if anyone outlasted him during the event. As Moshe sent a reminder message after Rosh Hashanah, he was delighted to receive an offer from an anonymous donor to match the total raised.

The event challenged participants with sequential high intensity interval workouts. The evening started with 22 jumpers joining the live online event to complete a 45-minute class, then a 20-minute intense class, a 30-minute intermediate class and then straight jumping. Many people signed off after the first class, a few more dropped off after the second class and two lasted until the end. After one hour and 53 minutes and approximately 1,139 calories burned, Yosef Postelnek and Adina Zahtz, head trainer for Jump Into Shape’s 20 and Under Women’s class, remained along with Moshe. The evening concluded when the three agreed to call it a night and Moshe committed an additional $180 donation. The next day, the anonymous donor committed $750, bringing the total raised to $1,150 in less than two hours (while burning a collective ~9,763 calories).

Each week Jump Into Shape offers 13 classes that combine weighted jump ropes and bodyweight exercises: three 10-Minute, four 45-minute and two 30-minute Jump Rope High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT) classes and one 20-minute intense class led by Moshe Moskowitz; two women’s only beginner classes led by Michele Moskowitz; and a women’s 20 and under class led by Adina Zahtz. All classes are taught online via Zoom. Register today at www.jumpintoshape.fun/classes . All participants can try one class free of charge.

Kosher Troops (www.koshertroops.com)

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