Thursday, January 20, 2022

(BCFL) This week’s spotlight game takes us back to the Henry Hoebel Field where the K1 and 2/3 divisions were battling to advance. After a thrilling victory over the Cardinals where the teams went back and forth with touchdowns and ended with the Jaguars’ goal line stand, the Jags were back in action against the Rams. The second seed Rams took on the seventh seed Jaguars in a tight and competitive 2/3 division in the BCFL. The Rams got off to a quick start with a pick 6 by Benjy Chaitovsky and two touchdown passes by Avi Pasternak to Ben Graber. The Jaguars developed their running game in the first half through the fancy footwork and highlight reel touchdowns of Ezra Safier. Though the Rams were up big at the half, the Jaguars came roaring back in the second half, scoring touchdown after touchdown led by the arm and feet of Ezra Block and his famous “Block for Block” running plays. Yakov Sprung, Teddy Gordon and Sam Kopel saved several touchdowns with their tenacious defense and game saving flag pulls. Meir Bari came up with a crucial interception and ran the length of the field to put points on the board for the Jags while Yoel Miles contributed with a key running touchdown when the Jags needed it most. The Rams came up big at the end of the game as Ben Graber scored another touchdown and a much needed stop to win the game. Ezra Small, the Rams star player out with an injury, cheered from the sideline. Noah Eckstein, Asher Horowitz and the Rams defense pulled together a stop as the clock ran out. The Rams are headed to the semifinals next week.

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