Wednesday, January 26, 2022

(Naaleh Sports) The Naaleh Eagles JV volleyball team got ready to play their first game against the Ramaz Rams with an exciting pumped-up huddle and a pep talk from the team captains and coach. They did their stretching and pre-game rituals and won the coin toss for the first serve. The first game ended almost as quickly as it began with freshman Atara Warburg tying the team’s individual serving record with an incredible 14 serves in a row! The Eagles won the first game with a score of 21-7. The Rams began with the first serve in the second game and kept a consistent bump, set, spike rally and great volleys throughout. The game ended with the Eagles winning 21-18, a very close game. With the final ball going out of bounds, the Eagles were officially on their way to the playoffs! With extra time still left, the coaches decided to play another game for fun. The third game was neck-and-neck and the friendly match ended with the Rams winning.

The Eagles celebrated their victory and newly-clinched playoff spot with Krispy Kreme Donuts. The team is pumped and can’t wait for their final regular season game at home against Ramaz on February 7, followed by the playoffs.

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