Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Last Friday, six camps (Lavi, Mesorah, Morasha, Moshava, Nesher and Seneca) came together at Camp Lavi for the Scott Satran Memorial Basketball Tournament. The tournament returned after three years and, this year, added the first ever girls tournament.

Competition was fierce but more importantly everyone was so happy to return to intercamp basketball competition. In the boys pool play in games, Camp Mesorah and Camp Morasha each came out with the #1 seed as they both went 2-0. In the girls pool play in games, Camp Lavi and Camp Morasha each came out with #1 seed as they both went 2-0.

In the playoffs, the boys’ semifinal games were very intense. Camp Moshava was able to take the win over Camp Mesorah—the favorites to win the tournament—and Camp Morasha defeated Camp Lavi by two points that went down to the last possession. The playoffs on the girl’s side had Camp Lavi defeating Camp Moshava, and Camp Mesorah upsetting Camp Morasha, the team projected to win the tournament, by three points. The finals had Camp Morasha winning on the boys side and Camp Lavi winning on the girls side.

Notable players from each team:

Lavi: Darren Solomon (SAR) and Daniel Berger (SAR), Daphna Steinmetz (SKA) and Kira Heumann (YULA)

Nesher: Yonathan Faber (Noam/TABC) and Adam Lehrer (He’Atid/Frisch), Alex Magence (SAR) and Rayli Kroll (SAR)

Mesorah: Ayal Kinderlehrer (TABC) and Yakir Adams (TABC), Eliana Wolfson (RASG) and Baila Gopin (Ma’ayanot)

Morasha: Max Schachter (Frisch) and Tamir Citron (Frisch), Zoey Levy (Moriah/Frisch) and Olivia Solomon (Moriah/SAR)

Moshava: Yoni Hollander (YULA) and Ezra Stern (TABC), Tali Herman (Ulpana Orot Modiin- israel) and Ally Weber (Moriah/Frisch)

Seneca: Asaf Seinfeld (Ramaz) and Bruce Epstein (Hillel), Stacey Gelber and Sophie Cattan

By Jewish Link Sports Desk


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