Thursday, May 28, 2020

Last week, Ma’ayanot volleyball teams had their first games. The Varsity B Team played at Bruriah for a double header and came away with two wins from the match. Final Scores: 25-14 and 25-16. This was the school’s first time offering a varsity team in the B league, and first-year Coach Miriam Motechin was very proud of the effort and hard work the girls gave.

At Ma’ayanot, the JV Volleyball Team put forth a good fight against SAR for its first match. Coach Chayim and Gabby felt the team worked really hard and are looking forward to their next game against Kushner.

The Varsity Rapids had a hesitant start against SAR losing the first match 21-11. The second match offered hope with a win for Ma’ayanot, 21-18. The third match was very close, but SAR came away with the win, 21-19. The fourth match sparked the Rapids to up their game and the team aggressively won the match, 21-9. With a fifth match needed to break the tie, and coming off its game 4 win, the Rapids had an edge and finished with a 21-14 victory.

New Coaches Dan Crespo and Gavriela Colton were really proud of their team for going the distance and fighting till the end for the win.