Friday, December 02, 2022

Last week, the Frisch Girls Varsity Volleyball team won a very hard-fought victory! The match, played on October 29th, was a home game against Bruriah High School.

For the first match of the season, Coach Adina Kwestel decided to play every single member of the team. Serve after serve Frisch continued on in high spirits. The key to the game is to always pretend things will not go your way and, as a result, always be prepared for that surprise spike or serve from the other team.

As athletic and ready as Bruriah was to go home with a victory that night, Frisch beat them continuously game after game as the Frisch team played like one! At the conclusion of the four games, the Frisch girls thanked Bruriah for coming and went back happily to their families and friends who had watched and cheered the team on during the game.

By Racheli Weiss

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