Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Bruriah Lightning volleyball B team has been having a great season, after winning six consecutive games and obtaining an 8-1 record. Led by coach Miriam Brickman and senior captain Atalia Levy, the team secured a win against Magen David. During the first match, the score was very close. The team made sure to do three hits, controlled bumping from Eliora Hyman, Nechama Linfield and Aviva Strauss, perfect sets from Daniella Levy and Aliza Hook, and strong spikes from Rosa Miodownik, Shira Kaplitt and Rachelli Gewirtzman. After an amazing serve by Hindy Koenig, the team was able to win the first match! Afterwards, they had no trouble playing really well in the second match. Continued success to the Bruriah Lightning and fantastic teamwork throughout the season!

By Atalia Levy, BHS ‘23

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