Thursday, March 30, 2023

(Courtesy of Girls Jr. Floor Hockey of BC) For two decades, the TABC Junior Hockey League has offered boys in Bergen County an opportunity to develop skills and foster a love of floor hockey from a young age. Thanks to Coach Aliza, girls grades four to six in the community now have a league of their own!

The Girls Jr. Floor Hockey League of Bergen County just wrapped up a thrilling inaugural session. Throughout the season, players worked on their hockey skills as well as proper positioning on the court. The earlier sessions had drills that put the focus on developing hockey stickhandling, shooting and passing while the second half of the session the girls got to put their skills to work in real games. The season culminated with a mother-daughter game where the daughters had to teach the moms how to play. It became clear, very quickly, who had the skills!

Session two starts on April 23. To inquire about remaining spots, send a WHATSAPP message to 917-848-2083.

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