Tuesday, March 21, 2023

When is a game not a game? When you have two teams, the junior division Stars and Rangers play to a thrilling 0-0 tie after three periods, but overtime can’t be played because an electrical outlet was shooting sparks and the game had to be postponed for everybody’s safety. The Stars and Rangers will try again to settle the score with a brand new game on Sunday, January 4th at 11:15 a.m. The game started in 2014, but the champion will now be determined in 2015.

After the building was cleared an electrician arrived and corrected the problem so the Senior division game between the Redwings and Capitals went on as scheduled. This game, like the earlier one, was incredibly exciting, and it was almost as if a winner wasn’t going to be determined as this game went on and on and on.

The 3rd period ended 0-0 and all throughout, the Capitals’ Daniel Landa, Ephraim Landa, Judah Volodarsky were robbed by Redwings goalie Benzion Fiorino. While the Capitals were being stonewalled, so were the Redwings’ Zach Levy, Jake Rothenberg and Avraham Zev Sobolofsky by Capitals goalie Sammy Volodarsky.

When the 4th overtime (!!!) started, you could just sense that somebody was about to breakthrough, and 1:45 into the overtime Jake Rothenberg knocked home a Zach Levy pass to give the Redwings an exhilarating 1-0 victory. Playoff MVP honors went to Benzion Fiorino who had 13 consecutive shutout periods in the playoffs.

After the game regular season awards were given out. Regular season co-MVP’s were Tzvi Schapiro and Yechiel Keiser. Most Improved player went to Adam Bromberg, Breakout Player went to Ephraim Landa, and Sportsmanship/Team player went to Shlomo Gellman. Coaches of the Year went to Yehoshua Lerer and Ari Solomon.

By Mo Fuchs

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