Tuesday, March 21, 2023

On Monday night, December 29th, the Ma’ayanot Rapids played an amazing game against HAFTR. The Rapids headed off with a great start. The 1st quarter started with 9 points scored by freshman Jessie Orgel that included a 3-pointer. Further into the quarter, another 4 points were scored by freshman Leora Adler that included some 2-point shots. By the end of the 1st quarter, Ma’ayanot was in the lead with the score of 13-3.

During the 2nd quarter, the Rapids scored another 10 points with the help of Orgel, Adler, and Captain Alissa Felder. Together with great teamwork, the Rapids remained in the lead even when HAFTR was hot on their tails. The Rapids continued to work hard as the game went on and their hard work paid off. By the end of the second quarter, the Rapids had the lead with a score of 23-15.

Ma’ayanot started the 3rd quarter with a 3-pointer by Orgel, and 8 points scored by freshman Sari Alexander. Felder and Tamar Segal each added 2 points. At the end of the 3rd quarter, the Rapids remained in the lead with the score 38-26.

The Rapids scored an additional 10 points in the 4th quarter. As a result of all the hard work and effort the team put in, the Rapids were able to keep ahead of HAFTR until the end of the game. Once again with the help of their coaches, the Ma’ayanot Rapids claimed their victory against HAFTR with the winning score of 48-34.

By Esti Knapp

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