Friday, December 02, 2022

Nine-year-old Teaneck native Amalya Knapp is a competitive USAG gymnast currently training for her Level 8 season. Amalya got her first taste for gymnastics at the young age of 2, and the love affair has continued ever since. Her coaches were immediately drawn to her talent, combined with a focus and drive rarely seen in someone so young.

After several years of rigorous training, Knapp started competing at the age of 6. In February 2013 she finished her Level 6 season as third in the state, and tested out of Level 7 this past spring. Amalya is currently in the midst of training for the Level 8 season, which will begin in December 2013.

Amalya is blessed to have several incredible role models in her life, first and foremost her wonderful parents, Chavie and Rabbi Stephen Knapp. With Chavie and Rabbi Knapp’s constant love, dedication, and support, Amalya has been able to overcome the many obstacles she has encountered along the way. Many budding Olympians are home schooled. Amalya, however, is a fourth grader at the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey. With her parents guidance she is balancing a dual curriculum, a full social life, being shomer shabbos and 24 hours of training per week. She is fortunate to have developed a bond with Olympian Aly Raisman. [Raisman was captain of the 2012 USA summer Olympic team, where she captured the hearts of viewers around the world by dedicating her floor routine to the memory of the Israeli athletes killed in 1972.]

Mrs. Knapp told the JLBC that, “It is amazing to watch Amalya follow her passion for gymnastics with such love, drive and dedication.”

We all look forward to following Amalya on her quest for Olympic gold.

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