Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Every coach dreams of a money player. A go to guy, someone they can count on to carry the team when the shots simply are not falling.  On Thursday night, June twentieth, I had the pleasure of seeing two such athletes perform in the Mitch Gross High School Championship game. It was a back and forth game till this dynamic duo turned it on and carried the load, and earned co-MVP honors.

Shai Kaminetsky is no stranger to the big stage as a stand out guard for the MTA Lions, he has had many opportunities to perform in the clutch. He is an offensive machine and defensive stopper. The greatest asset he brings to the court is his knowledge of the game. He is a terrific floor general, often times acting as an extension of the coach and insuring that all his teammates are in the proper position. Shai played for Maccabi USA, in the Pan American Games in Brazil last year. Kaminetsky is a recent graduate of MTA, and will be taking his game to Kerem B’Yavneh in September.

Jacob Shapiro’s style of play can be likened to that of NBA Legend,  Erving “Magic” Johnson. He can mix it up inside with dominant post moves, and clean the boards. But can also lead the break  and hit an open teammate or finish with authority. Although his athletic ability is evident, I was so impressed by his unselfishness on the court, a trait rare in professional ball and almost foreign at the High School level. Shapiro was the captain of the Frisch varsity team and took his team to the Sarachek finals. He is a recent graduate of Frisch will and also be taking his game overseas to Torat Shraga in September.

We wish both boys a productive year in Eretz Yisroel and look forward to their continued success  when they return to play for Yeshiva University.