July 22, 2024
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July 22, 2024
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Think IP Systems: For All Your Business Computing Needs

Thinking about launching your business but not sure where to start? Is your business growing, but you’re not sure if your IT needs can keep up? Then you’d better contact Think IP Systems and let its team of tech pros be your guide.

All too often, people will start a business and call up their local telecommunications company to set up an internet line only to wonder later on if they bought too much or too little. Should they use the equipment from that company or does it make more sense to purchase their own from a third-party vendor?

But thanks to Think IP Systems, which has been “bridging technology with business since 2009,” businesses have been relying on the company for all their business computing needs, including managing all their IT services, ensuring they have iron-clad network security, and providing cloud computing for all their business needs. “We can help determine what equipment is right for your business and what services would work best for your needs,” said Sam Fishman, CEO of Think IP Systems.

“We handle it all, from guidance on what equipment to purchase to helping businesses manage all their IT needs, which include regular system updates and, of course, cybersecurity protection,” he added.

Typically, as businesses grow, their IT needs expand and they need to make sure they have the right solutions. Managed IT sources are essential for businesses, and Think IP Systems offers premium flat-rate service plans that are tailor-made specifically for your business needs.

“If you don’t have IT support before you set up shop, good luck finding one when your server goes down or after you’ve been hacked,” Fishman explained. He said cybersecurity is probably the biggest issue on everyone’s mind, and Think IP Systems is on the front lines helping businesses avoid those challenges, along with other day-to-day tech challenges that businesses face.

Think IP Systems offers a whole host of premium IT services including network security, content filtering, spam protection and email encryption. Fishman added that businesses need to proactively get support and be prepared with a plan in place, along with a business continuity plan, well before something goes wrong. With 24-hour support from a team of experts worldwide, Think IP Systems clients never have to worry about being in a bind like that.

“We offer help-desk services where clients can call and speak to an actual human being if they encounter an issue, whether it’s a printing issue or software issue,” Fishman said.

Once a business contacts Think IP Systems, a tech will do a thorough evaluation. Think IP Systems will examine where your business is based and determine the optimal internet services and connectivity that will best suit your businesses needs. Other factors taken into account when determining the right business solutions include the number of “users’’ in the company and what capabilities those users will need to collaborate, communicate and perform all their functions. Those considerations are critical to a company’s success, especially when not all the users are in the same location.

Think IP Systems will take into consideration what industry the business is in and what the compliance requirements are for that given industry. Fishman points out that many business owners are not always aware of all the compliances that need to be satisfied; HIPAA compliance, and all its intricacies, is one area that often eludes many entrepreneurs, especially those who are starting out. But Think IP Systems is there to help business owners successfully navigate those areas by implementing all necessary protocols, coordinating and managing all data that is being processed, ensuring all systems are in place and proper procedures and precautions have been established for securely collecting and storing data.

Companies that do business with the government or companies that are subject to Payment Industry Compliances (PIC) must also adhere to very specific rules mandating how logging and tracking data are done. Fischman said, “There is nobody who tells you that you need to do it but if you find out afterwards, then you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.”

Think IP Systems is there for you every step of the way and will help you set up your business by advising which software and systems need to be in place in order to be compliant.

Think IP Systems works with hundreds of companies ranging from 15 to 100 users, and those users can be all over the world. “We help organize the chaos by coming up with and managing solutions for all their individual needs,” Said Fishman. Think IP Systems will customize plans for its clients at a great price and without overselling them on products and services that they just don’t need.

To learn more about Think IP Systems visit https://www.thinkipsystems.com, email them at [email protected] or call

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