July 22, 2024
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July 22, 2024
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Touro’s Lander College for Men Celebrates Musmachim and Honors Community Leaders

(Courtesy of LCM) Lander College for Men Beis Medrash L’Talmud (LCM) will hold a Chag HaSemicha Ceremony and Gala Dinner to honor 24 musmachim and community leaders. The ceremony will take place on Sunday, March 6 at 5 p.m. at Terrace on the Park in Queens.

Under the leadership of the Rosh HaYeshiva, HaRav Yonason Sacks, the Lander semicha program enables talmidim to develop a deep understanding of halacha and complete the practical education necessary for success in chinuch and rabbonus.


Twenty Four New Rabbis Hail
From Around the World

Twenty-four new rabbonim will receive semicha at the ceremony. The musmachim hail from across the United States, Canada and Israel. Many are now serving as shul rabbis, rebbeim and Jewish educators. Others are using the knowledge and experience to further their personal growth and avodas Hashem and enhance their careers in fields that range from social work to dentistry to engineering.

“Our recent musmachim, who have spent years learning in our yeshiva, have demonstrated abundant knowledge, enthusiastic commitment and earnest passion. Bezras HaShem they will emerge as impactful leaders, influencing and enhancing Jewish communal life,” said HaRav Sacks.

The new rabbis are Rabbi Dotan Arusy, Rabbi Ari Moshe Blavin, Rabbi Yehoshua Drang, Rabbi Mendy Eisenberg, Rabbi Yehoshua Eisenberg, Rabbi Avraham Elberger, Rabbi Eliezer Feder, Rabbi Yitzchak Gross, Rabbi Gil Israel, Rabbi Shmuel Kahn, Rabbi Asael Kent, Rabbi Yaakov Lyss, Rabbi Mimon Mamane, Rabbi Ethan Razi, Rabbi Chanoch Schrier, Rabbi Meir Sears, Rabbi Nati Shore, Rabbi Dovid Sperber, Rabbi Yehuda Steinberg, Rabbi Yishai Valter, Rabbi Yosef Wilcox, Rabbi Bentzion Yachzel, Rabbi Shmuel Yudelzon, and Rabbi Shlomo Zelefsky.


Dedicated Alumni, Community Leaders Recognized

In addition to the Chag HaSemicha, Lander College for Men will honor leaders in its community. HaRav Moshe Bamberger will receive the Harbatzas HaTorah Award. Rabbi Bamberger has mentored scores of students as the Mashgiach Ruchani of Lander College for Men Beis Medrash L’Talmud for nearly two decades. He is also a noted author who has written several volumes of original commentary on Tanach, titled “Shiras HaLevi,” as well as a highly acclaimed series for Artscroll/Mesorah Publications, including “Great Jewish Journeys” and “Great Jewish Inspiration.”

Rabbi Lavi Greenspan will receive the community leadership award. Rabbi Greenspan is well known to the Lander community; after illness left him blind, he passed the bar exam while continuing to learn and teach Torah daily.

The Family Legacy Award will be presented to Michael and Bonita Goldmeier and family, leaders in the St. Louis Jewish community and proud parents of six sons, four of whom have attended Lander.

The Alumni Commitment Awards will be given to Rabbi Jordan and Shoshana Kaplan and Ira and Sara Suss. Rabbi Kaplan and Ira Suss were active members of the Lander student community, and their wives are now leaders in the alumni community.

Rabbi Kaplan, who graduated Lander with a B.S. in finance in 2011 and received his semicha in 2013, is now the business analyst in the office of the CEO at S&P Global. Rabbi Kaplan served as President of LCM Student Government and Chair of the Alumni Board, and is now lending his time and talent to the LCM Advisory Board.

Ira Suss, a CPA who graduated Lander in 2013 with a B.S. in accounting, is currently vice president of accounting for Frisbie Group, a family-owned real estate office in Florida. He serves as vice president of the Lander Alumni Board.

“Our yeshiva is at the heart of Lander College for Men. These new rabbonim truly exemplify the Lander mission through their commitment to Torah study and to serving the Jewish community around the world,” said Rabbi Moshe Sokol, dean of Lander College for Men.

For more information,visit www.lcm.touro.edu 

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