Wednesday, June 29, 2022

To better serve the community, OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services has launched OHEL Access which provides improved accessibility, relevant information and immediate help to OHEL’s breadth of services.

This single point of access to all of OHEL’s services includes  Always on Call 1-800-603-OHEL, Live Help Online: www.ohelfamily.org and Confidential Response:  access_ohelfamily.org

Marc Katz, Director of OHEL Access says “People in need are very often confronted by the unknown of where, what and how and seek answers and assistance, and OHEL Access provides access and information to the most appropriate services they need, in a much timelier manner.”

Whether an everyday adolescent or parenting issue, an urgent crises or trauma, an eldercare need, or after school programs for a child with a disability, OHEL Access is staffed by professionals of diverse expertise who can address the need of any inquiry.

The different points of inquiry of OHEL Access cater to every person’s accessibility and comfort level and through OHEL Access Live Help on OHEL’s new website, users can interface anonymously, immediately and in real-time with an OHEL professional – all through the privacy of their computer at home or a mobile device on the go.

While OHEL is a vast organization serving thousands everyday through OHEL Mental Health, OHEL Bais Ezra, OHEL Foster Care, OHEL Lifetime Care, OHEL Institute of Training,  Camp Kaylie at OHEL and Etta at OHEL, OHEL Access now provides the community with one point of entry to every OHEL service available.

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