Saturday, May 30, 2020

(Courtesy of WayFind) Many seminary girls return home from their year in Israel unsure about what to do next. Understandably, they are nervous about making a decision that will impact the rest of their lives and are not really sure how to make that decision. There are so many options. Do I even know all of the options? Which will I enjoy, will pay me well, but also fit into my values and goals?

Last week, Adele Dubin and Natasha Srulowitz of WayFind made a trip to Eretz Yisrael to get this process going for seminary girls. In three days they met with 30 young women to help them chart their course. They spent a day at Machon Raaya, 1.5 days at Me’ohr and met with girls from other seminaries the remaining time.

“The trip was exhausting but exhilarating for us,” Dubin reflected. “Meeting with the girls in Israel was ideal. They are already in a growth-oriented mindset and are starting to think about what comes next as Pesach is around the corner. They took our meetings very seriously and were very engaged in the process.”

Dubin and Srulowitz conducted a workshop and also met with girls individually. Before the workshop, the girls had to take the Highlands Ability Battery assessment, a two and a half hour test that objectively measures one’s natural abilities. The girls were amazed by how accurately it described them and were very excited to learn about how they can apply their natural abilities to many different career options. The workshop was very lively and interactive. The girls walked out feeling invigorated and excited. Each girl received an extensive customized report about themselves which they can share with their parents and reference for many years to come.

This was the first time Dubin and Srulowitz went to Israel to meet with clients. It was a pilot trip for them. Typically, their clients come to meet with them in the Five Towns. They come from everywhere – Lakewood, Brooklyn, Queens, Baltimore and more. They also conduct meetings via video conference.

Dubin and Srulowitz did not properly anticipate the demand and were not able to fit in everyone who wanted meetings during their brief visit. They plan to meet with some when they come home for Pesach and others remotely. Next time, they hope to offer their workshops and sessions to girls in more seminaries and stay longer to accommodate the demand.

There are hundreds of young people who are finishing high school, college or full-time learning every year who face the same quandary. The economics of the Jewish community demand that they choose financially stable, growing careers, but the values and lifestyle of the frum world often constrict their choices.

WayFind’s mission is to help members of our community choose career paths that best suit their interests, skills, strengths and values so as to empower young people with the clarity and confidence necessary to make smart life decisions.

WayFind offers various packages for individuals and groups. Visit www.wayfindcareeers.com  or call 516.253.1147 for more information.