Sunday, June 07, 2020

(JNS) After media around the world reported that an Israeli missile had killed a baby and its pregnant mother in Gaza during the recent eruption of violence, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization may have inadvertently revealed that a rocket from Gaza was responsible for their deaths.

“A leak from the heroes of the Sarayat al-Quds [Islamic Jihad Jerusalem Brigades] on the circumstances of the death of the baby Saba Abu ‘Arar indicates that a rocket of the resistance exploded inside the family’s home due to a technical failure, and prematurely exploded,” Hamas’s al-Risala News said, according to a report by Israeli news service TPS.

“There is a claim that the technical failure was caused by low-grade explosives in the rocket,” the al-Risala report added. “There is no doubt that the baby’s death has nothing to do with the enemy’s planes.”

The admission was published on a Hamas-related Telegram account, but deleted shortly afterward.