Tuesday, July 07, 2020

(JNS) A number of Jews in Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Borough Park were attacked over the weekend.

One incident occurred when a group of men exited their vehicle and chased two ultra-Orthodox boys who were walking down the street. Surveillance cameras caught the chase on film; the two boys escaped unharmed.

In a separate attack, security camera footage shows an ultra-Orthodox man was “nearly pinned by” a vehicle that “fled after an occupant punched the victim,” according to Shomrim, the volunteer Jewish security organization.

There were additional reports of assault on two more ultra-Orthodox Jews in Borough Park on Friday night. On Saturday night, just before midnight, police responded to a 911 call of a suspicious individual on a street corner in Borough Park and said upon arrival they were told by a 16-year-old that he was approached by an unidentified person in a car who attempted to force him into the vehicle, Pix11 reported. The teen fled but the person followed them, according to the NYPD. He was not harmed.

Police said all incidents are being investigated by the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force.