Saturday, May 15, 2021

(JNS) An overwhelming majority of Americans, including Democrats and voters in battleground states, consider themselves pro-Israel. They oppose reducing U.S. security aid to Israel and want the Democratic Party platform to remain at least as pro-Israel as it was in 2016, according to a new poll.

Moreover, when it comes to votes, pro-Israel Democrats do better against Republicans than those who are not aligned with the Jewish state, according to the poll by the Mellman Group on behalf of Democratic Majority for Israel.

According to the poll, 67% of U.S. voters, 68% of Democrats and 68% of voters in battleground states describe themselves as pro-Israel.

Two-thirds (66%) of all voters, along with 63% of Democrats and 68% of battleground-state voters, oppose reducing U.S. security assistance to Israel.

Only 18% of voters, including just 29% of Democrats, responded that they want the Democratic Party’s 2020 platform to be more “pro-Palestinian.”