Thursday, June 30, 2022

(JNS) While an official U.N. Commission of Inquiry seeks Israel’s diplomatic isolation, 21 nations came out in support of the Jewish state this week, expressing concern about the commission’s uncommonly broad mandate and the U.N. Human Rights Council’s irregular targeting of Israel.

Formed in the wake of Israel’s 11-day conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip last May, the commission is unique among the 33 commissions of inquiry, fact-finding missions or other investigative bodies created by the world body’s Human Rights Council. Its mandate has no end date and its scope is not limited to any defined time period. Instead, it covers any and all allegations of human-rights abuses related to the conflict, dating back to the process of Israel’s founding.

The extensive mandate, along with an annual budget of approximately $5 million granted to the commission by a Human Rights Council, which is already notorious for an obsessive focus on Israel, concerned some U.N. member states, and the commission’s first report did little to nothing to alleviate those worries. In response, the United States led an international effort to push back on the commission’s findings.

The document was signed by a coalition of world powers, island nations and countries representing Africa, Latin America and Europe. Signatories include Austria, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Eswatini, Germany, Guatemala, Holland, Hungary, Israel, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, North Macedonia, Palau, Togo, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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