Friday, June 02, 2023

Terminal4Pets will be sending professional representatives, including the CEO Dr. Eytan Kreiner, to meet with Jewish communities in North America, Europe, Russia and South Africa. The goal is to reach out to pet owners who are in the process of moving to Israel to provide them with the most professional, relevant and updated information regarding pet importation to Israel.

Dr. Kreiner is definitely stepping up the game when it comes to assisting olim and returning citizens that come back to Israel with their pets. Said Dr. Kreiner: “Back in 2012 approximately 6,000 families made aliyah with their pets. We were fortunate enough to assist in more than 36% of the cases. There are so many organizations, governmental institutes, NGOs and privately-held companies that assist people in the relocation process, but there is just one institute that was specially geared to assist pets and that is The Israeli Pet Travel Agency Terminal4Pets.”

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