Sunday, June 04, 2023

Senator McConnell addresses NORPAC members in Englewood, NJ

On Sunday, March 17th, NORPAC hosted two separate events for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in the Five Towns and Englewood. Long Island area leaders Trudy and Stanley Stern hosted the first of the two events in Lawrence, NY, where the Senator addressed the attendees and took questions. After the event in Long Island, the Minority Leader was hosted at a sit-down dinner in the home of Anne and Jerry Gontownik in Englewood, NJ.

One of the key issues discussed at these events was the impact of the recent spending cuts which are part of the sequester. Israel receives $3 billion each year from the U.S. as part of a $30 billion ten-year agreement. McConnell explained that the recent spending cuts would effectively diminish approximately 2.4% of that aid for the year. The Minority Leader assured participants at the events that the U.S. would honor the agreement to meet the entire aid package, and that the normal rate of foreign aid to Israel would resume when budget issues are sorted.

The Senator also addressed concerns over Iran, expressing his disappointment on the effectiveness of sanctions. “They [sanctions] are certainly having an impact on the Iranian economy, but not their nuclear weapons development.” The Minority Leader explained that “Middle East countries see nuclear weapons as a sort of insurance policy.” On what the future may hold with regard to U.S. military intervention in Iran, the Senator stated his hope that tougher domestic and international sanctions might re-instate negotiations and help avoid a military conflict altogether. However, he reaffirmed that containment of a nuclear Iran is not an option, and that the Senate would support military intervention if and when the need calls for it.

On Sunday, April 28th at 10:45 AM, NORPAC will welcome U.S. Senator Susan Collins for an event at the Teaneck home of David & Rena Schlussel. Senator Collins of Maine serves on the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, the Select Committee on Intelligence, and as Ranking Member of the Special Committee on Aging. She has been a vocal supporter of Israel’s right to exist and defend itself. Event Chairs: Drs. Mort & Esther Fridman and David & Rena Schlussel. To attend this event contact Avi Schranz  call (201) 788-5133 for more information.

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