Saturday, October 01, 2022

New York—Blogging on Huffington Post about the Jerusalem Post conference he attended in New York recently, Harvard professor and pro-Israel defense attorney Alan Dershowitz wrote, “There is a small number of extremely vocal right-wing Jews who believe that retaining the entire West Bank is more important than trying to make peace with the Palestinians. There are still others who believe that it is foolish even to try to trade land for peace with the Palestinians, since the Palestinian leadership has no real interest in arriving at a peaceful solution.”

A fellow speaker at that event was Carolyn Glick, a right-wing opponent of any territorial compromise.  Dershowitz noted that for Glick, “‘There are no competing narratives. There is only the truth.’” And he added, “For her, the only truth lies in history and archeology.”

Glick got cheers and applause, Dershowitz was booed when voicing his proposals. “I have now joined the distinguished company of people who get booed for advocating territorial compromise in the interest of peace.”

Dershowitz concluded that the same people who “boo everyone who wants to make compromises for peace are every bit as dangerous as Jewish extremists on the hard left who also demand a one state solution—a bi-national state that will cease being the homeland of the Jewish people. Both are unwilling to compromise their ideological claims. Both make peace more difficult to achieve.”  He added that he won’t be attending anymore “right-wing rallies.”

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