Tuesday, May 17, 2022


HaRav Nota Greenblatt, z”l, Dies at 96

(theyeshivaworld.com) Hagaon HaRav Nota Tzvi Greenblatt, z”l, longtime posek and Av Bais Din from Memphis Tennessee, passed away this week.

Rav Nota’s father, Rav Yitzchak Greenblatt, was a native of Brisk, who traveled to the United States and eventually became a shul rav in Newark, New


New York Lawmaker Proposes ‘End Jew Hatred Day’ Amid Uptick in Antisemitism

(JNS) A day after Yom HaShoah, the annual remembrance of the Holocaust, a New York lawmaker issued a proclamation declaring April 29 “End Jew Hatred Day.” The move came amid ongoing antisemitic attacks in the Empire State.


US Team in Israel Prepares For Biden Visit

(JNS) An American team is in Israel preparing the groundwork for the arrival of U.S. President Joe Biden, Israeli media reported.

Biden is likely to arrive in Israel at the end of June, reported Haaretz. The visit would be


Russia Accuses Israel of Supporting ‘Neo-Nazi Regime’ in Ukraine

(JNS) Russia’s foreign minister has accused Israel of supporting “the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv,” deepening a controversy he sparked by claiming Hitler had “Jewish blood.”

Asked by Italian media how a Nazi regime such


Erdoğan Sends Herzog Letter Marking Israel Independence Day

(JNS) Israeli President Isaac Herzog talked with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan this week, when they exchanged pleasantries for mutual holidays, stated Herzog’s office.

At the start of their phone conversation, Herzog wished Erdoğan and the people of Turkey a happy Eid al-Fitr and thanked the


Birthright Ready to Rock, Just as Israel Needs Boost in Tourism

Starting this week, about 14,000 Birthright Israel participants from nearly 900 universities and colleges in North America are expected to land in Israel in the coming months. The flights mark Birthright Israel’s long-awaited return after a series of suspensions since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Birthright expects to bring


Israel to End COVID-19 Tests At Ben-Gurion Airport

(JNS) Israel is planning to end the requirement for travelers arriving at Ben-Gurion International Airport to test for COVID-19, Israeli media has reported. It comes as more tourists are arriving for the spring season, including Birthright Israel trips.

New reports by Channel 12 and Walla indicate that


Supporting Disabled IDF Veterans From Around the World

(Courtesy of ZDVO) Fifteen years ago, a small ad in a metro New York Jewish weekly newspaper led to the founding of a now worldwide event in support of disabled Israel Defense Forces veterans. That advertisement was for the inaugural bicycle ride for a little-known group, The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization, known to many as


Israel Absorbs 15,000 New Olim Since Start of Ukraine War

(Courtesy of Besheva) Two months after the outbreak of hostilities, the Aliyah and Integration Ministry received about 8,800 new immigrants from Ukraine, about 5,800 from Russia and about 400 new immigrants from Belarus.

The Aliyah and Integration Ministry said last week that


Hasmonean Heritage Museum Opens in Center of Modi’in

Soon to be the fourth-largest city in Israel, Modi’in is a thriving metropolis comprising attractive, modern residential areas surrounding ever-expanding commercial and shopping areas as well as many diverse educational facilities. The establishment of the city in 1985 came as a


Antisemitic Incidents in US Hit All-Time High, According to ADL Audit

(JNS) A record-high number of antisemitic incidents were recorded across the United States last year, according to the just-released “2021 Audit of Antisemitic Incidents” by the Anti-Defamation League.

More than 2,715 instances of Jew-hatred, including assaults, were reported last year—an


Biden Discusses Violence on Temple Mount in Call With Jordan’s King Abdullah

(JNS) U.S. President Joe Biden and King Abdullah II of Jordan discussed ways to calm tensions in Israel and the West Bank after a spate of rioting on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and prior to that, a wave of Arab terror attacks in Israel.

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