Thursday, May 28, 2020


An “Insider” Outs

Orthodox women in Fair Lawn had an open conversation recently about sexual abuse-why it still plagues and menaces the ultra-frum world; how social beliefs and trust in authority is the bedrock that enables predators to commit their crimes. They also heard how far the Modern Orthodox community has come in talking about sexual abuse openly.

Some 30 women gathered


Bergenfield: New Year Inaugurations

Bergenfield—January 1 was a big day for local Bergenfield government and facilities as two council members, a fire chief, and two deputy fire chiefs were sworn in along with the selection of a council member to serve as council president for the next year.

Councilwoman Ora C. Kornbluth was sworn in for her second term by State Senator Robert


Ode to Chubby’s

The name Gaetano Ravallo probably does not mean anything to you. But, if you live in Teaneck, chances are the name Chubby might ring a bell. Chubby’s, the beloved barber shop on West Englewood Avenue, is now being run by Hoda, barber extraordinaire, because, as of a month ago, Chubby is retired. Interviewing him via telephone, landline, not cell, after all,


After Decades, South Teaneck To Get Friday Night Mikvah

Teaneck—One in five women who use the Teaneck Mikvah live south of Route 4. Almost all of them have faced difficult choices when a Friday night mikvah visit is required. They have either had to walk as many as three miles in variable weather, in the dark, sometimes alone, or wait until Saturday night, a decision that can be halachically problematic.


Pucks, Sticks, and Pads

With its soft opening over and its formal opening coming in mid-late January, the John T. Wright Arena will soon be open for ice skating again and the newly incorporated non-profit, Friends of John T. Wright Arena (FJTWA), is looking to help it be a success. Toward that end, they are collecting used hockey gear and equipment because one of the biggest barriers to


An Appreciation: Rabbi Jack Sable, 87

Rabbi Jack Sable, the architect of Riverdale’s post-war Orthodox Jewish community, has died at the age of 87. Rabbi Yitz Greenberg, who succeeded Sable as rabbi of the Riverdale Jewish Center and a Jewish pioneer in his own right, offered the eulogy.

Jack Sable brought life to the barren landscape of Orthodox Jewish life in the 1950s when Orthodoxy, decimated


News Briefs

Alpha Epsilon Pi Joins the Conference of Presidents

New York—The international Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi), has been accepted, via election, as a member of the Conference of Presidents. The admission of AEPi reflects the organization’s commitment to involve the next generation of leaders. Acting on the unanimous recommendation of the


The Beauty of Jerusalem


Bi-Partisan Sanctions Bill Heads Toward Veto

Last Thursday, a bipartisan group of twenty-six Senators co-sponsoring the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 – thirteen Democrats and thirteen Republicans – formally unveiled the bill which would add sanctions against Iran if it does not meet the terms of the agreements being drafted in Geneva. Rumors indicated that the bill would allow Israel to attack


Celebrating Project Ezrah’s Community of Active Partners

Teaneck, NJ—Over 500 guests braved snowy weather and slick roads to attend Project Ezrah’s recent annual dinner. The event honored those who have been so extremely helpful both financially and with acts of chesed, beginning with the Project Ezrah Board and staff taking a moment to honor the memory of an Ish Chessed, Ted Mirkhani,


Open Orthodoxy: Pushing the Envelope or Crossing the Line?

Ripples are currently radiating around the Modern Orthodox community in response to bold moves made by colleagues of Rabbi Avi Weiss and the students from the controversial yeshiva he founded in Riverdale, Chovevei Torah (YCT). The president of the yeshiva is Rabbi Asher Lopatin, who also serves as the spokesman. He is the point man of a new, highly


Remembering Ted Mirkhani - An Ish Chesed

Englewood—“When one leaves behind family, friends and associates who perpetuate his values, that person will always be amongst us,” said Rabbi Yossie Stern, executive director of Project Ezrah. This description was one of many heartfelt tributes poured out this week as people heard of the passing of Ted Mirkhani, z”l.

Mirkhani, 40, may